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Hello from Australia
Hello Everyone,

I own a 2004 build M59 Berlingo. It has been off the road with a dead engine for a couple of years but I'm now making a serious effort to get it back on the road.

In Australia we only got the M59 in 1.4L petrol form. Prices for the 1.4 are out of all proportion to its quality but the 1.6L TU5JP4 is plentiful & cheap ex-the sedan range and from the B9 Berlingo / Partner which is imported here in 1.6L guise.

I have bought a B9 TU5JP4 complete with BE4/5 gearbox, supplied with most of the parts needed to install. There are a handful of critical components missing & some issues to solve which I'm hoping the forum can help with.

I'm going to start a build thread with photos as I progress as I haven't seen this done anywhere else on the web.


Hello Mark and welcome to the forum. Sounds like an interesting project and a lot of work. Looking forward to following it.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP.  Persamos green.

[Image: ab197646.gif]
With it being petrol engine do you get Kangaroo jumps starts??? just kidding man. Tongue
Opps..! Did I say that..! Tongue
Hi 3rensho & Bill and thanks for the friendly welcome.

Most of the build is going to be OK I think. I had previously bought another TU5JP4 (engine only, from a C2 I think) so I've had the 1.4 & 1.6 engine side by side for a while. They are pretty much the same in most areas. Lower engine mounts bolt up the same, ancilliaries bolt up the same, bell housing pattern is the same.

The original plan was to keep the MA5 box and hope that by putting a bearing kit through it I could make it last. I still would have needed all computer gear, some looms etc to complete it. With the B9 engine I've bought it comes complete with gearbox, computer gear, looms, all mounts, all ancilliaries, all injection gear etc. This solves most of the equipment issues but there are still some things to solve and a major item missing which I want to discuss in some detail in the build thread.

While I wait for the engine to come down from Queensland I'll make some work space in the shed and take some photos of things as they stand at the moment.

Hello Mark welcome to the forum good to have you with us best of luck with your project keep us up to date  Cool
                                     Smile  It's too orangey for crow's It's just for me and my dog  Smile

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Good luck Mark.I hope sods law doesn't apply too much.
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
(11-04-2015, 09:27 PM)ron Wrote:  Good luck Mark.I hope sods law doesn't apply too much.

Me too! I've done this sort of thing a couple of times but never on a vehicle with all of these complicated electronics. That worries me a bit.

I found this amazing conversion here on the forum: V6 into M59!

If that can be done then mine should be a piece of cake (famous last words).

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