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Hello from sunny Sweden
Hi all,

We have a warm, sunny early summer day in Stockholm today, so it's great to be under the car and tinker, because the temperature is about 25 degrees Celsius in the shade.

I have a gold metallic 2005 multi-space Berlingo with a 1.6 liter petrol engine, and I've done most of the repairs myself, to keep the car rolling. I changed the ignition coils, brakes, handles for sliding doors, etc.

Now I will try to renovate the carbon brushes on the alternator, since it after sporadically not charging the battery now has stopped completely, but the problem is that I have not yet figured out how I loosen the alternator in the best way.

I am convinced that I have finally come to the right place to get tips and advice on how to proceed with fixing my Berlingo.
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The best way or loosening the alternator is with a plasma torch...


Welcome to the weirdness!
(24-05-2014, 08:22 PM)Gadgetman Wrote:  The best way or loosening the alternator is with a plasma torch...


Welcome to the weirdness!

I've browsed around the forum, and I haven't found anything weird - until now. I guess you're more of a gadget and less of a people man?
You need to browse more. Smile There might be a normal Australian somewhere on the Forum.

But I doubt it.

Have you removed the belt from the alternator, and identified the major/minor attachment points?
(24-05-2014, 10:56 PM)brolin Wrote:  I've browsed around the forum, and I haven't found anything weird - until now. I guess you're more of a gadget and less of a people man?

Any forum that allows me in is by definition weird...
Most of them are also very helpful and friendly places, though.

I own more than 200 computers, from credit-card size up to (what was) powerful workstations like SUN SparcStation and SGI Indigo2, crates of game consoles, and even the Atmark Pippin(but not the xBox series, the PS3 or PS4, or the PsP) and the Nintendo VirtualBoy...
I have a 3D printer(almost finished calibration... 2 years ago) is building a CnC-mill (ShapeOko, been working on it half a year)
And my latest camera is a pinhole camera made out of wood, and uses photo paper(the type you dip in chemicals while working in a darkroom, not the stuff you jam into a printer) instead of film.

Yeah, I'm kind of a gadget man...

Besides, since you're a Swede and I'm a Norwegian, I'm required by law to make fun of you somehow... ;-)

Back to the Alternator...

According to the Gospel of Haynes, Chapter the 5th(A), section 8, verses 1 through 8:
1. Disconnect the battery lest you be shocked.
(Remove the negative teerminal)
2. Remove the auxiliary drivebelt as described in chapters 1A or 1B depending on the model of your Chariot.
3. On 1.9 litre DW series diesel engines...
4. For improved access to the alternator on models with power steering, refer to chapter 10 and unbolt the power steering pump from its location. Move the pump to one side, taking care not to lose the spacer(where fitted) from the rear mounting. Support the weight of the pump by tying it to the vehicle body/engine to prevent any excess strain placed on the hydraulic hoses. NOTE: There is no need to disconnect the pipes/hoses from the pump. Release the pipes/hoses from any necessary clips to prevent them being strained.
5. Depending on engine and equipment fitted, either undo the three bolts and remove the auxiliary drivebelt tensioner assembly, or undo the bolts and remove the auxiliary drivebelt idler pulley bracket.
6. Remove the rubber cover(s) from the alternator terminal(s), the unscrew the retaining nut(s) and disconnect the wiring from the rear of the alternator.
7. Unscrew the Alternator mounting bolts and, where applicable, the bolt securing the adjuster bolt bracket to the alternator. Note that on some models, the left-hand bolt(s) act as centralisers and incorporate a spacer and cone. To access the left-hand lower mounting bolt, unbolt the air conditioning compressor (where fitted) and move it to the side. DO NOT disconnect the refrigerant pipes.
8. Manoeuvre the alternator away from its mounting brackets and out from the engine compartment.

How much, if anything of that is any help... I have no clue...
(All I know is that on my 1.4, the servo pump is in front of the engine, and the alternator is behind the engine, they don't share belts, they aren't in each other's way or share mountings. )

The Good Book is for sale in any Biltema you care to look in.
(Haynes number s 4281, and it should state Citroen Berlingo & Peugeot Partner, 1996 to 2010 (P to 60 registration) Petrol & Diesel)
Note that there IS an earlier version of the book, but that my be even worse...

Inspection mirrors are kind of handy when working around the engine. Also a set of axle stands and a flat trolley to lay down on.
(For the price, this one is actually pretty decent. )
Some of the bolts may be most easily seen and worked on from underneath...
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Yes, I always have a good look from the top with the mirror and torch before deciding whether to attack from above or below. My mirror is acrylic, so there's no risk of broken glass.
I have plastic mirrors in my house as the wife is so ugly !
(26-05-2014, 09:35 AM)furqall Wrote:  I have plastic mirrors in my house as the wife is so ugly !

and i gather she doesnt have access to this forum :whistle:
[Image: smokingdog-1.gif]

Berlingo First,75bhp 1.6hdi,58 plate....225k and counting.
Hello brolin why dont you drive a Volvo Big Grin
Because he's got good taste?

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