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Help needed with non starting van
Hi, I was hoping my 2nd post would be about getting bigger steels, lowered springs etc but unfortunately it's not to be.
Basically I stalled the van after moving it out the way onto a high kerb when getting gravel delivered, as it was out the way I didn't bother trying to start it again, until later and then it wouldn't start, just clicked, so I tried to bump it down the road and that didn't work? So got jump leads on it, still nothing so even swapped the battery for a newly charged one and that didn't work.
As I was going away the next day I left it.
Came back a week and it started, left it running for 10 min's, turned it off and now nothing again, just a click but doesn't even think about turning over but the box to the left hand side of the engine makes a funny noise?
Question is, is it just the starter or something else as I need the van for work.
Thanks in advance
Well we can see it's an '05 plate so how about giving the assembled masses some model details?
Petrol or diesel? Turbo or non-turbo? It would help immensely....thanks!   Smile
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Thanks for the reply, Yeah suppose that would help really, ha.
It's a 1.9 Diesel non turbo.
And it isn't the starter motor as I've fitted a new one today, gutted.
I did get it to start after about the 20th time of trying (just made a single click noise on the turning of the key), took it for a long drive to get some charge back in the battery, got home and then it wouldn't start again and was making a whirring noise from this area (see pic), could pin point exactly which part it was though, any ideas?
[Image: 004_zps78zn6f8l.jpg]
Engine/gearbox earth strap or starter motor cable ?.

That's assuming that the starter motor is not turning when it will not start. With a new battery and starter motor its something common to them both. Your picture shows bare wire (middle bottom) on the starter motor cable ? , looks dodgy to me.

The whirring noise may be caused by the vacuum pump and valves allowing the air pressure to equalise.
Clean all connections,live & earth on battery,starter & engine earth strap.Use jumper leads to bridge earth circuits & it should pinpoint where the fault is.Clean connections means unbolt & emery/wire brush,not a tickle & hope job.
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Thanks for all the replies chaps, Yeah I've not long got back in after taking every connector/plug/fuse/relay/strap off/apart and cleaned them and am very pleased to say it lives, starts on the button now where before it was sluggish so think the starter was goosed anyway? Even if it wasn't the starter at least I know that's one part that shouldn't need replacing for a bit.
Very helpful site and I'll look forward to having a good look around it.
Cheers, Andy
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Well guess what....Got to it this morning and it wont start again, doing the same thing, just one click when I turn the key but no attempt to turn over??
Because I cleaned everything the other day I have no idea which part it could be?
Has anybody else had anything like this happen?

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