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Help please - 6ft barriers

We are about to pick up a 2003 berlingo multispace. Just one thing we're worrying about - our local council has installed a barrier at the tip with a height limit of 6ft. As far as I can see from online specifications, that only leaves about 1cm clearance. Are we safe to use it?

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I make mine (with part worn tyres) about 2cm under 6ft. I'd complain if I were you. A limit of 6ft would make quite a few cars eg. people carriers, hit the barrier.

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Hi there - if you have a look around on this forum I think there's a manual online that gives the dimensions. Or maybe do a Google. The radio aerial will probably give a loud 'dong' when you drive through - just go carefully if you're reversing out as the aerial will catch.
Hope you enjoy your new car!
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You may be safe on the way in . . . :eek:
Here speaks the voice of experience , I once zoomed under the barrier at my local tip fully laden with rubble and the like without a care in the world only to put two and two together on the way out when I felt the suspension dip and the ladder rack TWANG Confusedillyme:
Anyhow , if you are in any doubt , go for an unladen dummy run and have a mate watch you under :thumbsup: Just don't try this at midday on a Sunday incase you do need to back out , could be tricky :whistle:
"Height limit of 6ft?" I would have thought that you may find your vehicle dimensions in the Citroen handbook if there is one with the vehicle. To be pedantic, it may be worth going to your tip with a tape measure when nobody is looking and measure the height of the barrier. If it is inaccurate and you then come a cropper you may be able to claim against the council. Cynical? Maybe...
You could always measure the height of your vehicle at its highest point using a tape measure, straight edge & spirit level.
6 foot seems rather low, there are people taller than that but not so many in Wales. If it all goes tits up don't forget to send in pictures.
One thing confuses me however.... you are about to pick up your new Berlingo and take it to the tip ??? Must have more money than sense! Confusedillyme:
03 2.0HDI Forte. I need more cash....

You may well find that the local tip a.k.a. Civic Amenity Site is not operated by the council anymore and is operated by a contractor so if you do need to claim anytime then you need to determine who to claim against.
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My local tip has a barrier when you go in to and I let my partner drive in whilst I stand on tow bar lol, otherwise my roof bars would catch and whilst putting weight on tow bar it gives a couple of centimetres clearance.

On the other hand my father in law has a Peugeot partner escapade with a full roof rack on and when he goes under it scrapes all way along but he not bothered, I do know the escapade is a little higher than berlingo though
They should lift the barriers though I'd have thought, my local tip used to for me when I had the Rangie that was about 8ft tall lol.

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(25-07-2012, 08:48 PM)PeteA Wrote:  They should lift the barriers though I'd have thought, my local tip used to for me when I had the Rangie that was about 8ft tall lol.

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my local tip wont open barriers unless you have a permit

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