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Help please poor mpg and more
On 1st October I bought my Berlingo Multispace reg 1st Sept 2012, I paid £9600, from a local dealer.
I explained that my driving consists almost entirely of short runs in the rural area around my home and I was looking for an economical vehicle to transport my 4 dogs.
He told me the Berlingo was a very economical vehicle and I should see around 60 mpg.  At no point in the conversation did he refer to any official figures at all.

I previously had a 12 year old Focus estate that consistently returned 46-48 mpg over 10 years so this seemed reasonable in the light of developments over the years.
Please note I am a single woman living alone in a rural area with no mechanical knowledge and that is why I went to this garage, a Citroen dealer and long established local business.
I cover around 250-280 miles a week typically, all short runs.

It quickly became apparent that I was struggling to achieve more than 40 mpg so I spoke to the garage expressing my concerns. Unfortunately the director who had sold me the car went on holiday so every thing was on hold until his return this Thursday.

In the meantime I kept getting a warning of 'filter clogging' and so the car was returned to the garage as it wouldn't reset. They said is was probably the reason for the poor mpg.  I've now had the vehicle back a week and there's no improvement in mpg.

I have an appointment tomorrow with the director to discuss the matter and would be interested to receive any comments.  To say that I'm disappointed is putting it mildly. I am also concerned that the filter clogging is going to be an ongoing problem given my circumstances, and likely to incur hefty bills.
Hello Caroline ,
What engine /fuel type has you Berlingo got, ? Petrol ones are not as economical as diesel ones.

What was the engine in the Ford. ?
The engine sizes are also a factor in MPG
(08-11-2015, 11:33 AM)brodfather11 Wrote:  Hello Caroline ,
                        What engine /fuel type has you Berlingo got, ? Petrol ones are not as economical as diesel ones.

What was the engine in the Ford. ?  
The engine sizes are also a factor in MPG

The Berlingo is a diesel 1.6 and the Focus was a 1.8 diesel
Thank you
Stop start work round the houses depending on your driving style 40mpg is not that far away. You are looking at 40-50mpg with this type of driving. There will always be exceptions though.

What may be of concern is if you have a particulate filter fitted to that vehicle, as they get clogged your mpg will drop. Do you ever get up to 50mph + over a reasonable distance? This is what is needed to regenerate (un clog) the particulate filter.
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Hello Caroline welcome to the forum good to have you with us Smile first the clogging of the filter is the DPF / or FAP has the French say if your doing lot's of short run's the DPF will get bocked it does not have time to regenerate it self what you need to do is once a every four or five week's take it for a long run get the engine up to temp then the rev's need to be kept above 2000 rpm for at least ten mins so it can regenerate or do a forced burn at home start the car let it get up to temp sit in the car on the drive or parked on the road  rev it above 2000 rpm keep it at above 2000 rpm for ten to fifteen minets to regenerate next door mite think you've gone mad DPF do not like sort run's .MPG you will never 60 mpg on short run's 40 to 45 is about right the sale's man has been misleading you a petrol engine mite be better for you these day's they are getting better mpg on the newer engine's and no DPF to worry about let us know how you get on with the sale's man don't let him fob you off .
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  • Caroline Shipsey
Hello Jed Clampit and thank you for your reply:-)

I will let you know what his response is. This isn't something I've ever had to deal with before so am apprehensive. I'm taking a friend with me for moral support and as witness to the conversation, though he will not be involved.

Caroline, In October the sale of goods regarding cars changed so you are in a good position.
You are between a rock and a hard place regarding MPG on short journeys - Diesels will give DPF probs, Petrols will be on enrichment (choke) more often espesially in winter. My wife has a 1.6 petrol Peugeot 206. She does similar trips to yours and she averages about 30-32mpg, yet if we use it to go away, we easily get 50mpg+ and that's not driving slowly.
You type of usage will never get as good MPG as longer distances unfortunately.
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  • Caroline Shipsey
Hi Col and thank you,
If you or someone could direct me to the relevant part of the sale of goods act it would be so much appreciated. I have seen references to this in other places with ref to car sales but haven't managed to grasp how it could affect me.

Found this
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Hi sounds to me if the salesman was telling you what you wanted to hear just to sell you the vehicle.I had a 2013 model which i presume would be the same as you have.The only time i ever achieved 60mpg was on a 500 mile round trip in one day.When i first had the vehicle the DPF light came on with only 1500 miles on the clock.The dealer told me what to do to clear it.Jed Clampit's advice in a previous reply is spot on if you follow his instructions you will sort the problem out.If you decide on a static regeneration don't take it to the dealer he will charge you for doing what you can do on your drive.My average MPG was in the mid 50's while i owned the vehicle but that was with a mix of short journeys (3-10 miles) and medium range (20-100 miles) per tankful. When my journeys were mainly short runs it would drop to very low 40's to the gallon.I know that doesn't answer your question but it at least it might stop you worrying that you have a bad vehicle.No one warned me when i bought my vehicle about the DPF and to be honest if you explained to your dealer about you driving habits(IE short journeys) he should have.Good luck.

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