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Hi new to the forum but not to berlingo ownership I've had a 2.0l hdi multispace 52 plate for 2 years.
I just bought a 53 plate berlingo multispace forte
1.4 petrol.
Really under sided on what one is staying and what one is going yet as both have issues.
Hello Charlie welcome to the forum good to have you with us what issues do you have with each model you mite be able to put them both right and sell one on :thumbsup:
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The diesel i have owned for nearly 2 years its always been scratched and tatty as it came from auction with one owner who had really not valued it. it started making a really bad ticking noise from the engine it sounded like a angry moped was following me all the time so with a few people inc a mechanic hearing it we all thought the tappets were going.

I decided to do a oil and filter change on it last night and added a additive to prolong the life slightly well i got the other berlingo fixed after driving it up a bumpy lane the noise stopped and engine sounded sweet again. When the belly pan came off there was 3 shards of metal that fell out they look all burnt and jagged like they was rubbing on something and so far the noise has not come back at all. Not sure there is anything wrong with it now or where the metal has come from. :S

The petrol i have owned for 2 days now. It sounded and drove great only to find a fair amount of oil on the drive. I
t has a leak but i cant work out what the part is that its leaking from (added a pic into the mk2 section) I have asked a mechanic and a few other people but no one can place what part that is.
It also needs a drivers seat as all the springs have come out the bottom and its really uncomfortable as well as lots of other small bits like the indicator stalk is very floppy and all the cubby holes are worn or broken.

My biggest issue is what one to keep.

The diesel i love and know. Its served so well and been reliable (until the noise) its just had 2 new tyres and 12 months mot put on it but it is tatty on the outside and has no luxuries.

The Petrol looks lovely its a gorgeous light blue, other than the oil leak it looks sound enough and has lower mileage, newer, all the extras (central locking a bit temperamental likes locking and then unlocking) downside it is petrol.
Keep the diesel on the road and take your time to do the other one up take the part off that's leaking oil to see if it need's a new one or 2nd hand or just a new gasket when your happy with it drive it for a few week's if you like keep it if not sell Confusedalut:
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Central locking then unlocking straightaway means a door is not closed properly or at least the car thinks its not , which doors have you used whenn this happens?
its mostly the drivers door and the door handle does seem really floppy on it i thought it may have something to do with it but wasn't 100% sure esp as im used to locking every door on the diesel lol.

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