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Hot starting and throttle problems
Hi all

I have posted this on the honestjohn forum and not had any luck. Someone suggested i post the problem here before i set fire to my taxi!

here is the link:

this is the problem:

I use a 2010 (new model) Citroen Berlingo Multispace as a taxi. Always fully serviced and only driven by myself. Its done 120,000 miles. The car has developed some very annoying faults that the main dealer simply don't have any clue as to the problem. I have also taken the car to a diesel specialist who also can't pinpoint the fault. Both main dealer and the diesel specialist seem to think if given enough time (& ££££) they could get to the bottom of the problems. I've already thrown almost £1,000 don't want to spend much more unless I know the fault will be fixed. I am still using the taxi on a daily basis but really need to sort it out.


The car fires up first time in the morning every time. As the day goes on it struggles and sometimes can take 10 goes to start.

When car has been running for a good time the throttle sometimes does not pick up. The engine will be ticking over, put foot on throttle and nothing happens. If you try and pull away it will obviously stall. Because i can usually tell when its going to happen i can slowly tease the rev's up with some gently persuasion before trying to pull away. If the car does stall at this time it is very difficult to start.

There are no fault codes on the car and the engine mamagement light does not come on. In fact, the computer says that the car has never had a fault in its life!


Because no fault codes show up the main dealer monkeys really didn't know where to start. I'm not sure what they did for the £500 but essentially they told me they were not sure if it was mechanical or electrical fault. They could (probably) fix if given enough time? up to me apparently!

Diesel Specialist checked injectors and pump, all good, injectors a little dirty but now cleaned up. Pressure OK. One possible clue he gave me was that the tick over speed is low. about 750 if memory serves me. He said there is no way of adjusting up (not sure if this is true)


There is a crate of beer or a box of wine for correct diagnosis!!!! genuine offer


Thanks for reading

Difficult to start when hot? Cold start device/valve faulty?
Somedays you're the pigeon, Somedays you're the statue.
diesle fuel pump relay , had this happen once on a vectra ,
2010 1.6 hdi 110bhp XTR
thanks. will take a look.
Possibly egr valve sticking & not closing properly intermittently. I think Forte do egr valve cleaner but a replacement egr valve fitted at Citroen garage is over £500. I notice egr valve has been mentioned in Honestjohn thread. Egr valve failure is not unknown on these engines, mine went at 40k miles. You could try a can of Forte air intake cleaner.
have had the egr valve cleaned but will buy the product you have mentioned.

thanks for your time

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