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Hub/front bearing removal
Sorry put the earlier post in wrong place.
Ive got an '06 ex forestry commission Berlingo van. Its a 2 litre diesel HDi version with side loading doors (last bit probably irrelevant).
The front wheel bearings are shot probably due to driving through flooded roads last winter. Ive got new bearings and Ive started to take the front wheel/hub assembly apart. Got the caliper, disc and ABS sensor off no bother. Ive come unstuck with the bottom wishbone joint. Can anyone advise if this is a tapered ball joint or otherwise. Ive seen some pics on google images of detatched wishbones for the Berlingo and the joint looks straight and not tapered. Theres no nut to take off like on a track rod so does it come apart with a splitter as normal or is a different method applicable? Also the bottom of the suspension joins the top of the hub and Im not sure how it will seperate (not there yet). Im assuming it will be under tension from the suspension spring?
Any help welcome.
The bottom joint goes into a hole and a groove in the joint clamps with a bolt, usually about M8 size. You'll need a bar and a lump of wood to press the wishbone down further than it feels like it wants to go to disengage it from the hub.
[Image: FASS931.jpg]
So where does this bit go then ?
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There is a pinch bolt that locates through the base of your hub carrier in the horizontal plane. Remove the pinch bolt after disconnecting your drop links. The ball joint is then freed by prising the lower arm (wishbone) downwards.

I like to slightly spread the hub carrier at the joint with a cold chisel to aid removal, but others prefer not to do this.

Re the spring, the strut is assembled and held in place by the top nut, once the wishbone is unhooked the strut will extend as far as it physically can but you will not have the spring popping loose or any such excitement. It's released from the hub carrier by a pinch bolt near the top of this casting.
Thanks gents. Picked up these messages/replies just after me and my farmer neighbour got it off. Im looking at the pressed bearing (taking it to our local garage to press out). We live in very remote part of North Yorks way up in the hills (no shops for 20 miles) so everything is difficult so I do appreciat the help. The bearing has a central spline to engage with drive shaft which you knowledgeables will probably know about. Is this a special bearing that comes with splines or does the inner part seperate when being pushed out? Ive got two bearing kits that were double checked for being true replacements but they dont have splines.
Thanks guys.
PS. Not great rolling around in the snow up north messing about with vans!
You are describing the hub proper, which is pressed through the bearing centre after the bearing itself is pressed into the hub carrier.

First press out this hub before removing the bearing from the carier. It will likely demolish the old bearing in the process - don't fret. Then use a bearing splitter or pair of cold chisels to start separating the inner bearing section from the hub proper. Now use a heavy bead of stick weld applied in a circle to the inside "fin" of the bearing shell, to heat and then shrink the shell enough for easier removal.

When pressing, ensure that load is adequately supported by the hub carrier around the bearing area - not on the steering stub or brake caliper mounting ears. You can use the old shell as a load spreader when pressing the new bearing into the carrier. Make sure all burrs are removed and smear both surfaces lightly with moly or teflon grease before pressing.
Thanks Ad
Tougher job than I thought. Couldnt get bottom wishbone off other side (done first one, doing both bearings NS/OS) so had to use some brute force. Whilst hammering with big bar and hammer the drive shaft dropped out now oil everywhere. Then couldnt get shaft out of bearing, Now CV joint sperated off shaft. Great fun. Im goiing to need to know how to get CV back on shaft (theres a small wire clip on it, and find out how to put oil back in box. Getting there...somehow.
Thanks to all, job now sorted. Took hubs down to local garage. They just bashed the bearings out with a big hammer and circular drift type disc. Remnants of bearing softened up with torch and knocked out with chisel. Cleaned up the hub and pressed the new bearings in.
Apart from shearing a pinch bolt the rebuild is going okay. I'll finish tomorrow and top up the gearbox.
Thanks to all.

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