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Injector seals?!
Hello again, still trying to get my head around the 'fuse 25' problem I had but I've also just found out that I need new injector seals, it might be a daft question but are they universal? I can't seem to find any for the 1.8d engine? is it going to be a special order from citroen themselves?

Thanks in advance

The un-numbered small "washer" is the shimming washer and that's spec'd separately depending on pressure correction.


I'm presuming it's one of the numbered parts in this diagram. Correct?
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Hello again Addo, All I know is that the 'small copper seals need to be replaced' there is a lot of diesel bubbling around the 3rd injector and a little bit on the 2nd but I presume it's best to do all 4 including changing the hoses etc? I'm not that mechanically minded you see but I like to try and gain as much knowledge as I can before a garage claims to me that I need a full engine rebuild (lol) . I'd guess that the part I need is either the number 2 or the number 4 (or both?) on the diagram you provided - after several phonecalls i've managed to finally find a place that's willing to do this job (even though I thought it wasn't a hard task) i'll try and get some more info today and post back what the guy says
Just go to Citroen , give them your reg no /engine details, pay and thank the man.

Not sure how many washers the 1.8d has but while you have pulled the injector I would change all the washers.
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Took it to a company called 'SIS' (specialized injection services) and he said that two of the injectors would need refurbing - the diesel was not leaking via the bottom as i thought but was leaking from below the top bolt and dribbling down making it look as though it was leaking from the bottom thread when it was not - anyway for £90 he's going to take two injectors out - refurb them and then replace all 4 seals anyway. I phoned a fair few garages and they all said 'no, I don't really touch injectors' and after trips to eurocarparts, GSF and citroen themselves I got no where in purchasing just the seals (unless I wanted a pack of 50 from citroen lol) but thanks for your help guys, no doubt in the near future i'll be posting some more issues i'll have

Just a follow up, I had two of the injectors reconditioned and the leak has now stopped, although he did find a leak in the 'top casing of the throttle body' and to be fair I dont know how I didnt see it before - anyway its sorted now so a thank you to everyone


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