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Intermitant Warning light and poor engine performance.
Hi Everyone,
I have a 2002 Berlingo, 1.4. petrol, manual, 12/02 manuf, KFW engine. 145,000km.
I have had it from new, it's been pretty good up to 2 wks ago.
I was driving it one evening and it started running like a dog, with the Engine operation warning light flashing.
I got it home ok, and booked it into a mechanic for a few days later. (I drove another car for a few days).
When I started it up to take to the mechanic, everything was problems, perfect.
I explained to him what had happened, asked him to check it out, and service it at the same time.
He serviced it but just shrugged his shoulders when I asked him about the problem. But it was going ok, so I didn't worry.
Since then, it has intermittently displayed the same problems. every 2 or 3 days, sluggish power, and Engine op warning light.
Then, usually after I stop, but sometimes while I'm still driving, it comes good.
One thing I noticed yesterday, at first the revs at idle were going from 500 to 1000 in about 3-4 second increments, but later (the problem still persisting) they were sitting on a steady 750 at idle (which is abt right).
Driving, it feels like about 5 airconditioners are on, ie low power and a bit rough.
I'm guessing it's the ECU, but really that is a total guess.
Any ideas,
weve had similar issues with a picasso 2.0hdi, garage has analysed it with computer... which comes up with low fuel pressure..... they replaced bits but only gave a tempory apparent cure.....ive cleared it once by cleaning the wiring connections on the fuel system componants.... and a second time a week latter by reseating all the fuses in the engine compartment fuse box.....
our berlingo had an indicater problem that was cured by pressing all the fuses in the box by the battery.

i think a lot of annoying intermittent electrical problems are caused by aged push together connections , maybe its a bit of tarnishing between touching contacts or contacts loosing a bit of contact pressure as they age .

then theres the classic corrosion in earthing points to look at aswell.

all this electrickery falls down if its not got good clean connections and the computer diagnostics dont seem to be much help in tracking it down unless its an outright componant failure
Firstly, any half decent mechanic would have read the fault code(s) and diagnosed the likely fault.

It could be a problem with the coil pack, but in truth is all guess work till the ECU is read for the fault.

I'd take it somewhere else and have them read the codes or buy yourself a cheap code reader and get them yourself.
I agree with tuker. When it gets hot the coil pack can break down and give intermittent faults/poor performance. Changed it on ours and all ok.
Ex 1.4 Berlingo Multispace
Agree with Tucker.....but if it has a throttle position sensor I'd check that too.
The Older I get the Better I Was!  Cool
It's a sad reality OJ, that uptake of the Lexia/Planet/Diagbox kit in Australia is very limited.

Gut instinct says coil, but in our prevailing climate (ie; running towards the hotter end of the range more days than not) I'd also be checking head gasket and seeing what the sensors generally say.

A used coil in Oz will typically be $100 plus tax over the counter, people don't have a lot of options unless they are "in" with a breaker or wholesaler, or buy a lot from overseas. I can land a new Beru coil for about $120 as part of a $1000 net order - otherwise it will cost half as much again.
Thanks for the responses, gents, much appreciated.
I will let you know the outcome.
I would recommend Kenny at Auto Paris. One of the few mechanics I am happy to trust 100% on a repair or diagnosis.
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I took car to AutoParis, in Box Hill, as advised by addo, (thanks for that), and here's the result:
Basically, a previous mechanic had put the wrong plugs in, and then not tightened them up. (Somehow the guy I took it to last week didn't pick that Up????)
Possibly as a result of that, the injectors were also shot.
So new plugs, new injectors and that seems to have done the trick.
Any Melbournians out there reading this, whatever you do, don't get AutoParis in Box Hill mixed up with Paris Motors in RichmondWink
Thanks heaps for all of your assistance.
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Blimey no - on the confusion. Any more and I'll be shot for defamation. Pleased that Kenny/Salman/etc could sort you.

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