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Intermittent knocking sound from the rear
My 2005 Partner 2.0 HDi 4x4 has, after approx. 160k, developed a very intermittent knocking sound from the rear.

The sound is like a metal object dropped on a carpeted wooden floor.
Speed, accelerating or breaking doesn't seem to matter.
New, smooth road or washboard doesn't seem to matter.
Big, smooth speed bumps or small, sharp speed bumps doesn't seem to matter.
Curves, straight or turning doesn't seem to matter.
If anything, it may be more frequent on slightly worn roads.
It's very intermittent and occurs under all conditions.

I've looked under the car, suspecting stabiliser bushings, shock absorber bushings, spring caps or exhaust holders. But nothing obvious to be seen. Confusedcratch:

Any ideas?
Best to let it develop a bit further and make it easier to diagnose.
Hi, open your back door and bounce the back end. See if it makes the noise. Is like a cracking sound? :thumbsup:
2006 2.0hdi 600 with bench seat.  Cool
Well. The rear muffler and the pipe leading to it was getting leaky, so I went to the lokal chapter of the major independent repair shop chain. They said the pipe came with catalytic converter only Rolleyes and that it is forbiddingly expensive for an old car, so we agreed on welding the pipe and replacing the muffler.

They ordered the rear muffler for a 4x4 from their supplier and got a rear muffler for a FWD. They then ordered the rear muffler for my specific car (year, model, licence plate, etc) from Peugeot and got a rear muffler for a FWD. Confusedcratch: We agreed that that was a bit special. They then just repaired the rear muffler and tightened some brackets and holders.

The knocking sound now seems to have mysteriously disappeared. Or I've had an acute loss of hearing in that frequency range. Smile
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That's funny; I usually think of Norway as quite organised and efficient.

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