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Is it possible to shrink the brake pedal?
I've got the ETG automatic. I don't seem to be able to find anywhere to put my left foot. As the brake pedal's a big wide one there isn't quite the space to put it where the clutch pedal would be.

Does anyone know whether it's possible to reduce the size of the pedal, or to replace it with the brake pedal that's used for the manual? I'm not interested in doing left-foot braking, so have no use for it.

I've found that the rubber sometimes pops off on the left, as we tend to press only its right side. I'm trying to train myself to press the middle of the pedal, but it's a long way to move your foot. I can't help thinking that a normal smaller brake pedal would be much easier.

Am I right in thinking that the pedal plate is welded to the arm? If so then that makes modifying it more difficult I suppose.

Ideally I'd like to have a smaller brake pedal and some sort of footrest bolted in one the left.

Hmmm. All help appreciated. How do others find the pedals on the auto?
I had the same problem with my other car, a non Citroen, automatic. I bought a pedal rubber for a manual and cut the existing metal pedal to size with a jigsaw and metal cutting blade. Didn't need to remove the pedal, I cut it down to size in position.

Works a treat, plenty of room for my size 11 boots.
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Sounds a bit extreme, but I'll do it if that's the only way.

I might look at getting some boy racer type pedal covers, as they clamp on a bit more positively than the standard rubbers, plus it means it's less critical to get the shape and size just right then. I'd still need to chop is down, but I wouldn't need to make its shape perfect.
Actually, I don't know how successful that would be. The pedal arm is central to the pedal, so you'd probably need to trim a bit off each side. So it would move in from both sides.

I wonder if the pedal box from a manual could be fitted, after removing the clutch pedal? It looks like the brake would then be way over to the right, as needed to make space for the clutch pedal.

At least then I could return it to normal if I wanted to sell it one day.
...Or if the brake pedal could be transferred from a manual pedal box to the auto version?
I did the opposite on my Mk2 and made the pedal larger ( bad back ) funny old world isn't it.
I do realize that not everybody has the tools but what ive done in the past with other cars ive owned has been to remove the brake pedal and cut the " foot" down with a grinder ,and a 1 mm cutting disk fitted, untill you get to the size that you require,dont forget the MOT requires the foot rubber to fit properly,i would suggest that a manual foot rubber to be used for size and then fitted ,then if its still not enough ,heat up the lever with a blowtorch untill red hot and put a set in it to offset it enough for it to be comfortable.If you havnt got a suitable blowtorch they can be purchased from places like B&Q or toolstation but make sure you use MAP gas which will be then hot enough to heat the pedal shaft,once bent and test fitted ,a can of black silk paint from Halfords will ensure it doesnt look " bodged".This of course can then be left on and wont need to be changed when the car is resold.Hope that helps.
Chopping down sounds like the only way.  I was concerned about the fact that the pedal "arm" is in the centre of the pedal...


...So chopping only from the left would leave it off-centre. However, the manual pedal looks like this...


...So what I will end up with will be pretty much what you get with a manual. I'll just ensure I leave enough lip to the left of the arm for the rubber to grip around.

By the way, look at the luxury life you get with a LHD one - a big fat footrest as standard!

I've just learnt from t'internet that the gap between the two pedals is required to be between 50mm and 100mm. I'll have to dive in with the ruler and see if I can achieve that. I'm worried that the pedal arm might be too far to the left - I don't want the pedal to end up being too far from the throttle that you might miss it. I'm wondering if the auto pedal has less of a kink in it than the manual one shown above.
Why not remove the pedal completely ????
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