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Its that airbag again, is this a cure

Found this place, has anybody used them and are they trustworthy,
and more to the point do they work.:S
That's not a cure, all they are, are code readers.

Unless your planning to do a lot of maintenance on cars and need a code reader(s) to read other codes on the other systems apart from the engine then you are wasting your money.

You would be better off spending your money on an auto spark and which would work out cheaper.
Ok so perhaps "cure" is the wrong word, but would it help in finding the fault?
They will give a fault code number, which might point you in the right direction, but then again........

Have you tried all the usual airbag tricks?
Tried jiggling the wires under the seat, that works (for a while), but that's just about my limit many of the other "fixes" are beyond my physical capability. I just thought I could use the Lexia to reset the light before my MOT.
The problem is that if it's a fault then you may reset the light only to have it come on again on your way to the MOT.

2012 Iron Grey XTR 110 with lots of bits and bobs.
(27-06-2014, 07:41 AM)Trevor Wrote:  The problem is that if it's a fault then you may reset the light only to have it come on again on your way to the MOT.

Good point Confusedcratch:

As a rule of thumb, what would it cost to have the problem fixed permanently.
I really don't know the cost it would depend on what the fault is. As you have already moved the wires and it went out it may just be a loose or dirty connection, I think I would start looking for the fault there. There are lots of threads on here about air bag faults, it may be worth your while having a look through them.

2012 Iron Grey XTR 110 with lots of bits and bobs.
Get a mobile auto spark in before the mot as you know where the problem is, it shouldnt be too expensive.
Tbh a lot of airbag issues are caused by the plugs under the seats, I have soldered mine and cut out the plug which 99% of the time cures the issue, reset the light and job done, we do it a lot at work aswell

(As a stop gap, and not a fix, you can deconfigure the airbags with a lexia, deconfigure the problem airbag and your light goes out, as I said it's a stop gap and not a fix, but if ya can't afford to fix it properly it gets around the issue, it also works if you put after market seats in aswell, but there again so does a 2ohm resistor soldered in after cutting off the plug as this has shorting pins in)
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