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"Klunk" noise

I am searching for the reason why my 2010 Berlingo is making pretty anoying "klunk" noises from the front end. It`s on both sides, and it`s easiest to notice when I go over sharp edges, pot-holes etc.

Anyone have any idea of what to check first?

Big thanks for help on this one!
Bottom ball joints and wishbone bushes, drop link joints and steering top bearing.
So where does this bit go then ?
^^^^^ seconded
As above  Rolleyes
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To go a bit deeper ( and due to the age of your Berlingo ) I'd change the drop links first as they are the most likely candidate and as it happens also the easiest and cheapest to buy / replace, easily a DIY job. Funnily enough I replaced mine fairly recently and they took about 45 mins for both sides.

After market ones tend to last a lot less time than OE parts, my last pair only did 2 yrs / 25k miles yet the originals did around 95k
Hello all, and thanks for all feedback Smile
Yesterday I changed the drop links, and it didn`t make it any better.

I checked the wishbone bushes at the same time, and they was pretty tight and therefor I think they`re not the reason.

Next on the list is then bottom ball joints and steering top bearing.

Keep on working! Smile

Thanks again!

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