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Mini camper?
Hi Folks,

Seriously looking to get started on a mini campervan project based on Berlingo/Partner. some questions on where to begin......

So some random thoughts:

I've looked at insurance and road tax for both van and multispace variants. For some reason, the van is more expensive but, not by enough to make a huge difference. As far as I can make out, road tax will be the same, (looking at 2008 on variants)

My preference would be for some kind of pop up roof and thinking about it, the empty van could possibly make this easier?? I get that the Multispace is probably better equipped and trimmed but the windows could add challenges in layout......The fitted headliner would need stripped out anyway. I assume that the plastic trims from the multispace could be added to van? Also, in terms of "stealth" camping, a white van would be less obvious?? Thoughts?

Price wise there is not much in it....

Layout....Would be nice if back doors were usable, maybe with the possibility of fitting in a bike inside if needed, (though outside would probably be simpler...I have an outside Thule rack on my big van which is nice and easy to use). I would only need single berth, but twin would help eventual resale I guess. I would also want minimal cooking capability and toilet for emergencies.

On the insurance front, starting with a van, I assume would you insure as van while doing conversion, changing to motorhome when done?? The base vehicle would be replacing my daily drive so would be getting used during conversion.

Interested in the collective wisdom [Image: smile.png]

Trying to plan it out in my head before getting started !

Here is a link,, to a company that sells Berlingo campers.  It's a German site but English pages are available.  Might give you some ideas about possibilities.  The owner posts a lot on which is a great German Berlingo owners site. 

BTW, welcome to the forum.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP.  Persamos green.

[Image: ab197646.gif]
Hello and a warm welcome!

There's a similar recent thread in another section that I replied to here...
(12-01-2016, 09:57 PM)doofer Wrote:  Hello and a warm welcome!

There's a similar recent thread in another section that I replied to here...

Romahome in the UK (Southampton area) used to do Visa van conversions and even do one on a Nemo.  Their current Berlingo one is a full coachbuilt presumably using just the floorpan and cab.. Worth a look at their website for ideas.

There are squintillions of conversions on you tube - this one is dead simple more like camping than motor home living but keep clicking and you will find more.

Wooden furniture, especially mdf,  is heavy so take care and do a few sums if you are building things.

There are some wheelchair user conversions around with dropped floor and raised roof, maybe you could get a second hand one of those and throw out the ramp system to get better internal height without chopping holes.

It's got me thinking now .....

When things appear to be going well, you have overlooked something.
Ahhh Great minds think alike Smile

Thanks for the link !
Hi there,  I've bought my bed and kitchen form  Vanessa.
It's a small company a few km outside of Rosenheim in Upper Bavaria. I went there and the fitted everything on the spot. It cost me about 2000€. Well worth the money. I've been th France, Portugal, Spain and Sicily this year. About 2.5 months altogether this summer. The bed ist better than what I encountered in many hotels.

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