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Mk2 rear door and handle removal
Hi all,

had to replace pin in sliding rear door of mk2 bingo recently, and as a post come up recently thought it might be useful to put some photos on here. Please note, I took door off to replace handle pin, as instructed by haynes, but apparently it can be done without taking door off. But its not that hard to take door off, so you decide.

To take door off, you have to remove the plastic trim above the door. Haynes says just remove the 4 srews. But if like me your Bingo has the modutop, one of the screws is covered by the modutop. I spent sometime trying to remove the modutop. Warning don't attempt this without help, as you will end up with the weight of the modutop on your shoulders but with wire assemblies that need to be disconnected!

You should be able to remove enough bolts from one side of the modutop inside the locker, to pull it down enough to remove the plastic trim above the door. The trim needs to come out, so the door can slide off the end of the top runner.


On the lower runner, you need to remove a bolt (torx) that holds the end stop for the door.

See photo (bolt removed).


remove the bolts from the rear of the door (middle runner). See photo:
Note: You will have the weight of the door to content with. But luckily no wire assemblies as the door uses spring loaded contacts.

This pic is of the two rods attached to the handle. I found it easier to disconnect them from the lock assembly, then remove them through the hole in the door. Note one rod simply unclips then pulls out of the plastic hole. The other pulls out of a clamp, sort of sideways (?). This one may need adjusting on reassembly.


This should show some detail of how rods from handle connect to door assembly.

Remove part of the plastic rain shield (it should stick back OK), so you can get to the handle screws. Think these were torx as well.


Remove both screws, make sure you don't drop them into door, and tease handle and rods from door.

You have to disassemble handle. I don't have a photo of springs on handle, but might help you to note down how it is assembled. Two springs with metal pin through springs. You'll have to remove broken bit pin of pin first.


I found new pin (from Fleabay) was a bit big for the holes in the handle. I drilled out the holes rather than files down the pin.

Anyway, as Haynes says, reassembly is reverse of disassembly. Make sure you get handle correct way up. I know it sounds stupid but ... Compare with other side if in doubt (as I did after swearing a lot!)

One of the rods has no adjustment. The other you may find you have to adjust to get it to unlock door properly.
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Thanks Modmytop, brilliant post.
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Hi Modmytop,

Many thanks for your kind help,
i very much appreciate your time and efort

best wishes
Damn, stripped and fixed left sliding door on Monday (one of the rods had detached). Now I have the floppy handle syndrome on the same door. Argh, the car is going to be sold in three weeks...

Anyhow, The Pin, it is on the last picture down left, isn't it? Got to try ebay, local dealer wanted to sell the whole handle for 206€ :-o

False alarm. One of the rods off again. A nice squeeze with pliers and it should sit tight until the next owner...

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