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T-boned by an '05 Corolla in my beloved Xantia, then as I pulled over, the driver did a runner.

[Image: 20130527211534sml.jpg]

[Image: 20130527211543sml.jpg]

Good solid hit; the pax seat is pressing on the handbrake lever. :eek: Got some whiplash up and down my spine too.
Sorry to hear that hope you are ok.Another uninsured or stolen car then,with no regard for anyone else on the road.
Probably uninsured/unregistered. The repair will be a line call; screen is cracked and roof slightly flexed.
Sorry to hear. Your experience not restricted to just the UK then.
[Image: 24g96ie.jpg]
Sorry to hear that
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That is a real sickner addo you must be really peeved.
Are we there yet????? No we fecking ain`t  gggggrrrrrrr
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Sorry about your bad luck.I bet it's the same there as it is here,if they catch the s--t it's just a wrist slap & not made to pay for the damage they cause.I'm a great believer in euthanasia for certain types.Sad
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No joy yet in finding the culprit - not that the police were especially motivated to query their database. I didn't have a protected NCB so this is going to hurt again at policy renewal time.

Having a devious mind, though, I thought some things through.

First up, the street our Artless Dodger exited is not commonly used. It's for the thoroughfare of residents and people using the street as overflow parking for the railway line that runs adjacent. So, there was (IMO) a fair chance the driver was driving after leaving a train. This would tally with the unfocused manner; I have no hard facts but have observed frequently the first while a person drives from "cold" they are less focused and slower in reflexes.

Working with this concept, I staked out the intersection around the same time last night. Two vehicles behaved similarly, including lack of indication, rolling through the stop sign to "nose out" into the roadway, and then proceeding with similar acceleration.

Of these two, one was such a different type of vehicle it seemed unlikely to be in the ownership of the bad driver, whereas the second was a small Ford of a few years' vintage that could easily be a second car or a courtesy vehicle. I've noted the plates, and will have a copper run them through the database to see what comes up (either registered to a smash repairs, or owned by someone who had - or has - a silver 2005 Corolla... So I'm not done yet.

The bit that would have Ron laughing the most, is a woman friend suggesting she knows a few things that would cheer me up... But I'm unlikely to get a leave pass for such capers! :lol:
Ade, you could also run that info through the trade. You've probably got the paint colour
and contacts in the body shop sector. See if anyone has seen a bent Corolla...
Best of luck with this.
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Police not interested?
Well theres an oddity.......

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