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Moving the drivers seat further back than it can go ??
I have just signed up to the forum as I have just picked up my first Berlingo - a 3 year old VTR diesel that so far (15 miles in) seems pretty good to me !

Anyway, my first question is that as a long-legged person I want to put the drivers seat even further back and possibly even slightly higher than it can go - is there any sort of extender that allows this. My seat does allow some height adjustment but even with the seat as far back as it can go my knees are very close to the steering wheel (which is in its highest position)
Am I the first to experience this ?
Cricky... you must be 7 foot!! Smile

I have a MK11 and at 6ft 2in I don't have the seat as far back as it will go.
Not that tall, just over 6ft but long legs mean my knees are pretty tight against the central console and it all feels a little cramped.
Mine is a MKIII - I don't know if it is any different to the MKII but I can't imagine how you fit yours !
Mine's a MKIII and I'm 6ft 2in and have the seat fully back and at it's lowest setting, seems ok to me.
2012 Berlingo XTR 110 in Iron Grey

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OK Bigian, maybe I should try lowering the seat - I am so used to being sat up high that I just assumed that would be the best place to be so have not tried any other place......
Thanks for the replies so far - I'll let you know how it feels later !
Right, now I feel like a bit of a pilchard.
I have just tried lowering the seat and it certainly does change things..!
I still prefer to sit higher up but that might just be what I am used to as I have still only done under 15 miles in my Berlingo. I also find it slightly unnerving not being able to see any of the bonnet, but again, this might just be new-car syndrome !
This was the first thing I done when I got my Mk3, moved the seat back.. I removed the ladder rack as you will notice the seat back hits it. Made L shaped brackets and fixed them to the floor, instead of the edge fixings. You use one of the tie down bolt positions and the other bracket is just at the edge of the recess under the floor, Made extended brackets at the top using the original fixing positions. Now the seat reclines more and has moved over an inch more back. I was considering cutting part of the floor to move the complete seat base back a few more inches, but i've it ply boarded and carpeted. The seat can now recline if you are taking a break from driving, very theraputicSmile

[Image: Screenshot2013-11-24at163915_zpsa8aa2e83.png]

[Image: van-2_zps6508d624.jpg]

[Image: van-1_zps767ddd1e.jpg]
6' 3" here, and my standard position is seat far back and low. Have been driving Berlingos like that for 2 years, and find it extremely comfortable.

Have occasionally moved seat a little forward if I have someone long-legged behind me, and can also cope with that - what I find makes it usable is having the seat low.
'13 Berlingo XTR with Modutop

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