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Multi Function Display
My 2005 M59 Multispace has, like all of them I think, a multi function display. I think this is a fairly simple one line display which shows time, date, and various messages like "Door open" etc. My Citroen Picasso has a similar display but has more functions including a fuel consumption, mileage display. I very much appreciate this on the Picasso. Does anyone know if this is achievable on the M59? Wires to the M59 unit are just 5 in number. Solid Orange and Solid Blue twisted together, Yellow T35 XE4, Green with yellow stripe T35 M7215, and Beige T02 B118. 5 Wires doesn't seem enough but with multiplexing, who knows. I hope some genius out there does!
Dont think it can be done but would be interested if this could be possible
Yup I would love an mpg readout too but never heard of it being done on a Mk2.
I would think the info would be stored on bsi how to find info maybe tricky some cars have a onboard test function
My '06 Berlingo has this facility. To change the read-out you push the button on the end of the stalk which controls the wipers and
the display scrolls through its options. Range.....Distance travelled.......Average mpg.......Instantaneous mpg.....Average speed.

If the the button is held in for more than two seconds the display is re-set. HTH!
The Older I get the Better I Was!  Cool
Just checked mine (2003, not a Desire) and sadly there's no button on the wiper stalk end, just a plastic end cap :-(

Interesting that it exists though....
yes ive a cap end toooooo
never mind lol
I suspected there would be others out there who want to do the same. Having just installed cruise control on mine, by simply fitting the correct stalk and having the BSI settings altered, I suspect it IS possible if the wipers stalk is changed. My Picasso has this facility and it is brilliant. The key to this question lies with Ol'Jeffers above. Can we get him to remove the cowl from the display and see how many wires there are. If still 5 as described in my initial post then I think we are in with a chance. We might still have to replace the display unit though. Perhaps if Ol'Jeffers is persuaded he might also post the part numbers of the display here. I used a couple of flat thin blades (old table knives) to gently lever the cowl off. Go on - you know you can do it!!!
Would be interesting to know exactly which model of Blingo correspondents have, 1,2,3, petrol, diesel etc so others can pick up the subtle differences like BSI and OBD2 implementation dates etc.
I would certainly nip over to Bury and pay to get my BSI reset having obtained the correct cruise control stalk for my 2004 2.0 Hdi Multispace Desire Diesel.:drool:

Hi, the connections will probably be the same as it's all done by comms.
It's the display you're going to have to change as the simple ones dont have the graphics etc.
If you have Lexia you could try an actuator test on the display, this will show you what graphics you have.
Let us know how you get on. :thumbsup:
2006 2.0hdi 600 with bench seat.  Cool

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