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My Advice on Snow Tires
Hi all
Just though I would share this with you,, those that is intrested in Snow tires on the Berlingo, I purchased some Snow tires last year as they were cheap,( done 14k on them so far) the tires fitted was Avon Ice Turing ST, and Since this is the first time I have managed to try them out ( as we did not get any major snow falls last year) to my Supprise that do work, I live in S.Yorks the Hilly bit this morning like most of UK we was welcomed with about 6-8 inches of snow, the car did grip ok starting off in fresh snow, but the traction control was going crazy (Yes the EGS6 Airdream does have a basic traction control)
So I took it out of Automatic and Used manual 2nd gear until I got to the motorway so far so good, 15miles down the Motoway I came off and went to my place off work, again all perfect tires ok , turned a Corner into my Works ( slushy Snow) and the rear end decided to go sides ways, but as the EGS6 has ESP it corrected it ok and I carried on pointing the correct way.. SO to my amazement I got to work with hardly problems only loosing the rear on a corner, but to sum it up the tires did what they are designed for and kept traction OK ish ..
I have only snow tires fitted to the front not rear, rear are the standard Michelin Green X hence thats why it may have lossed it on a bad corner or I was getting to confident with the Snow tires as the Front Never Skidded on the Turn.

So to sum it up they do work , you do Skid still but if you keep your speed Low they do Grip..

To recap the Berlingo is a 2011 XTR EGS6 Airdream..

thanks for reading and Be safe..
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  • philip
Snow tyres to all four corners.
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I not got any snow tyres on mineand have never bothered with any vehicle i have owned, i only have budget tyres on all four corners with about 6mm of tread on them.

I have never had a problem in snow and always got to where i want to be, i am not saying that snow tyres dont work as i am sure they do but to be honest i dont really think i need them for the little bit of snow we get.
I live at rotherham and managed to get to work today in about 4 inch of snow on main roads that was passable but just needed a bit of extra care.

If i did have snow tyres i think in my mind i would be over confident in knowing that i had them fitted and would probably take more of a risk anyway
I have them fitted as well. Makes quite a difference where I live. Have driven here with and without and with our winter conditions the difference is like night and day. ESP is big help too.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP.  Persamos green.

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  • ron
They all really do advise that you have snow rubber on all 4 corners ,as the characteristic's etc etc are different from summer boots ...
I do agree a friend didn't know ,but some had left a snow tyre on one corner of his car when he brought it and investigators told him that it contributed massively to the crash he was in ...
So it's all or nothing for me when I get some for next year ...
if the weather is bad enough to need them then all 4 is the way to go.
having said that , two on the front driving wheels will give you more traction but you have to be aware the rear is likely to let go. im not sure the insurance would be happy with different spec tyres on , they could easily use it to try to wriggle out of a claim.
Hi Guys,

Just a comment having just returned from the French Alps and plenty of snow! I spoke to many drivers (some Berlingo owners being mainly French or German) who all had winter tyres fitted. I know that legislation makes this mandatory in some countries but all those I spoke to would have nothing else during the winter period. I had to utilise snow chains. What a bore! Put them on, take them off....a real pain! All I can add to this thread is that I certainly witnessed the difference that snow tyres made as compared to my slides and swearing at snow chains. However, purchasing snow tyres because they may be needed as opposed to will be needed is a great consideration when such expense may be involved.
Regards, El Berlingo
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  • BerlingoHDI, ron
Got to try out my Kumho snow tyres in anger this week. Brilliant - tried to get them to misbehave in snowy and icy work car park and nothing... Also compared to the older Vredesteins I have on another car, there isn't a noticeable trade off in road noise either.

I'd add that (as expected) they're grippier in non-snowy conditions at this time of year than the Michelins that came off. Highly recommended.
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I have to honestly say that in all of my years out on the road I have never used anything other than standard road tyres (with
the odd exception where chains had to be used in the late 60's. It started with Dunlop C41s (cross ply) on an Austin A35 van.
But I had lots of practice driving round the farm in the snow delivering bales of hay to sheep and cattle. Used to keep a dozen
hessian sacks in the back along with a spade and a set of rarely used chains. I loved driving in the snow and still do.
The trouble is that we now have two generations of drivers who have never had to do it so they can't be expected to know the
required techniques. Not really their fault.
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I don't use snow tyres and I've never had an issue - the occasional drift, but nothing uncontrollable (and to be honest, I enjoy getting the tail out on the big girl) and I'm not running brand new rubber atm either - around 2-3 mm. I don't get the point of winter tyres to be honest, seems like a lot of money for a lot of nothing.
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