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My Berlingo Camper build.....
(24-10-2016, 08:42 PM)Matt Haigh Wrote:  That is class! where did you get the tilt-up roof?
guys at Drivelodge did the roof, (, did a nice tidy job. I'm just in from a 600 mile round trip tonight, no difference in road noise as far as I can make out Smile Makes an amazing difference to the interior when raised.

(03-11-2016, 07:37 PM)PeterF Wrote:  Awesome! Looks similar to what I'm planning for mine, minus the side windows. What split charge system did you use, may I ask? Also how easy was it to cut the gas vent hole in the floor? Did you use a hole saw?

I used a kit from simply split charge, ( this one ) 5m was actually not enough cable for me, I had to add another few metres....

Pretty straightforward to fit. Took the lead from the engine bay, via the sill, (handy hole there already) and popped out in the front footwell. (see this thread....

I added a couple of cutoff switches for peace of mind, the first completely disconnects the split charge system, the other isolates the 12v electrics. (Only one visible in pic)

Here's my electrical system partway thro, I've since added a 12v stabilized supply for the LED lights and  I've bought an intelligent charger that will charge the leisure battery when a hookup is present, you can't see it in the pic but there is a 240v socket in there as well (its got the orange socket tester plugged into it just now)....and it will get a door to hide everything at somepoint. EVERYTHING labeled for future reference !

The 2 240v breakers cover the twin CBE sockets in the cabin and the single 240 socket in the electrics cupboard.

I'll add a 300/600 invertor to let me charge a laptop when running on 12v. Handy when using as mobile office Smile

[Image: 2uggu9x.jpg]

The 6 way fusebox uses regular automotive blade fuses. I have separate fuses on:

LED lighting, both USB charge points, 12v socket and the water pump.

Battery is under seat in a proper battery box, (seen here in early stages), now has some additional restraints after a road test Smile I'll get an up to date pic tomorrow

[Image: 10ncdwi.jpg] 

For the gas dropout, yep a holesaw did the job in jig time.

I factored in a couple of USB and a voltmeter in the cabin area. Found these brilliant USB spotlights on a bendy wire in IKEA, (2 quid). Very bright, will make great reading lights !

[Image: illtec.jpg]
Love it  Cool
                                     Smile  It's too orangey for crow's It's just for me and my dog  Smile

                                                        Heart Heart Love a lot trust a few  Dodgy

Looks good. Thanks for the details.
Ahh, Image host seems to be down......I'f not back today I'll host eleswhere
Hope to see the Finished Article ?
Another small step, New Table made....

[Image: 27ywggy.jpg]

And found a place to store it....

[Image: 24pe3oh.jpg]

Material purchased and van booked in for upholstery in first week January... Smile

[Image: mja8nc.jpg]
Brilliant jealous of your workmanship , wishing I had the skills !!!
As I said earlier, usually have to do everything twice ! Smile

Get stuck in, whats the worst that can happen.....
Very nice job there. I've just bought my Berlingo L1 and what you have done is what I had in my minds-eye for mine. A bit of work ahead of me but I can see a path now.
Very nice job all round! Do you have any plans to have a custom awning to enclose the raised tailgate and extend living/camping space beyond the back of the van? This set my mind racing to the idea of a small trailer with a hinged ply wood lid that would swing over and rest on top of the rear bumper, thus more than doubling your useable floor length. This could be the tented enclosure for a large inflatable mattress. .... Just an idea... maybe stupid lol!

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