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My Slow Cold Starting 2.0 HDI Issue Resolved
Hi all,
Just thought I'd throw this out there since I have been doing a good bit of digging on the forum for a resolution to the slow cold start issue I had with my 2004, 2.0 HDI Berlingo and I finally got mine sorted for no cost!!

The Background:
1 yr old Bosch Battery so that was OK
140K with full service history
Injectors replaced – Unkown/Not by Me anyway
Heater Plugs replaced last year
Alternator reconditioned last year
Fuel Filter on last service (6 Months ago)

Always slow to start (6-7 turns) especially in the cold weather we have now so finally decided to have a look around the engine bay.

Checked for fuel leaks, air hoses off, etc with no noticeable issue.

With the engine cover off looking around the head, injectors, fuel lines area I did notice very small pools of oil forming in the head casting wells at the bottom of the injectors/heater plug on the top of the head.

I tightened up the 4 bolts holding in the injectors but sure not to over tighten them as that could run threads in the aluminium head, I got about a quarter turn on each bolt.

Since doing this it kicks into life after the 2nd or 3rd spin even on the coldest morning !!!

I would think that perhaps I had a small compression leak overnight passing by the injectors causing the slow start.

There are copper washers used as injector seals that would soften over time with heat and perhaps mine need to be done sometime, they are cheap at about £4 for 4 but for now they’ll do.

Hope this helps someone.

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I'm going to try that!
Somedays you're the pigeon, Somedays you're the statue.
I've tightened mine up, probably a 1/4 to a 1/3 of a turn, I'll be honest, I'm a bit sceptical that it'll do anything. I'll let you know at the end of the week. What's betting it'll be warm all week so I won't notice if the cold start problems continue?
Somedays you're the pigeon, Somedays you're the statue.
I too have oil in the same place a you described but dont have a cold start issue, at the moent iam suffering from low power..i will try and tighten it up and see what happens
was any of your cold starting issues intermittent??

ok 1 day or for a few days weeks, then back to struggling starting again??
Most days, especially in the colder weather.

It worked for me, It may work for others.
might try that...mines the same first thing in the morn but ok for rest of thr day...i think glow plugs are origonal it has 64k on the clock..or could be battery???? but it never fails to start just a bit slow
The injectors on berlingo engines are known items that need attention.usually around 80-100k they start showing
their solurtion is to take them out one by one and replace all seals-plastic as well as the copper ones.
not too difficult yet time consuming since these injectors have a habit of leaking around the seals when old and fuel collects around the bottom where it solidifies and sticks the injectors to the head a bit!
best solution is to soak them in wd 40 overnight then try to scrape gently -i use flat blade screwdriver-off the carbon and now softened diesel residue and then gently try and turn the injectors each way,a little at a time.when they are loose enough pull them out with your fingers-injector pullers are usually a waste of time-but taking your time and soaking them in wd40 overnight is the best way forward.once they come out do not forget to pick the copper washer from the bottom of the injector tube-if not already come out on the injectors already!-and replace all the seals,put it back being carefull to insert them at 90degree angle to slot in and using new nuts at the injector brackets,you are done for another 80-100K.Any problems or more info e-mail me.
good luck and be patient out there!
Can anyone stick a pic up of the nuts you can tighten? Cheers
In regards to stuck injectors:
I also run a merc sprinter. These have a common issue which is referred to as 'black death.
The injectors leak badly hidden under a rocker cover & the resulting burnt diesel is a big issue in our community.
One thing that has been proven to work is to soak the area in tesco cola. Not diet stuff & only tesco seems to work well.
I kid you not it works a treat if left over night.
Incidentally many merc boys are now using peugeot copper washers for holding down the injectors as these seem to hold much better for a good seal.
Hope this helps.

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