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My berlingo, quite loud lol
Well been on this site ages, but never put the yoke up for some reason
she'll not be to everyones taste but i dont do stuff to here to please other people thankfully
well i got her like this
[Image: 180227_1839910994441_1140526026_32280782_6747101_n.jpg]
[Image: 9992577682a11656124925l.jpg]
after many, many hours of cleaning and i ripped the fake side bars the last fella had put on her off
[Image: DSCF0424.jpg]
I then ripped the silly spoiler thing he had on her too off lol and threw a set of bbs's onto her (you either love them or ye hate them)
[Image: 205424_1946361295632_1140526026_32466427_5940984_n.jpg]
Started work on the inside then (no pics ill get some later) from here you can sorta see the sunvisors which are tvs and put a set a seat covers in her
[Image: 206997_2007994596426_1140526026_32531583_2124394_n.jpg]
[Image: 299368_2463427501964_1140526026_33091943...4953_n.jpg]

I then got her stickered and tinted windows etc
[Image: techno108.jpg?t=1334694759]

I then bought a set of lensos for her Big Grin
[Image: techno118.jpg?t=1334694773]
bad picture i know but havent had a chance to get a better one when shes cleaned
and heres the enclosure ive put in the back, havent a picture of it finished in the back yet
[Image: techno125-1.jpg?t=1334694755]
[Image: techno076.jpg?t=1333042851]

Pictures to put up yet
the back of her is a picture of our lorry on the back doors over the windows
5 led's along the bumper
the interior with t.v's etc

have something very loud planned for her but ill say nothing untill its done! Big Grin[/align]

This is the soundsystem finished (for now) in the back
[Image: 546488_4512523928094_1878952213_n.jpg]
Her on our lorry in a parade along with the brothers berlingo
[Image: 559792_4968871856507_1078048027_n.jpg]
[Image: 192173_4402719303047_1022933396_o.jpg]
[Image: 412458_254195128033244_321198605_o.jpg]
more pictures to post up later
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  • addo, mrbritse, ron

Big thanks for posting the pics -looks really good
Thanks!, now has a lorry horn, and a compressor to drive it. nowehere near finished but ill get their slowly
Looks lovely, bet you can be heard for miles!
2010 (B9) Berlingo Multispace XTR HDi 112 - Kyanos Blue
Previously - 2002 (M49) Berlingo Multispace 2.0 HDi Diesel - Arctic Steel
(02-02-2013, 02:34 PM)Mike Wrote:  Looks lovely, bet you can be heard for miles!

I have been told i can be heard before im seen lol people tend to get a surprise when im delivering something and they open the back doors lol. The air horn i have in without fail scares everyone, including me in the van! lol
We all need to see your big horn. :eek:
Superb work there dude , inside and out :thumbsup: Hope your ear drums can cope Big Grin . Many thanks for taking trouble to post pics :drool:
(02-02-2013, 08:01 PM)j90xxx Wrote:  We all need to see your big horn. :eek:
HaHa! could you's handle my horn? lol

(02-02-2013, 08:11 PM)nil by mouth Wrote:  Superb work there dude , inside and out :thumbsup: Hope your ear drums can cope Big Grin . Many thanks for taking trouble to post pics :drool:
thanks! gradually going deaf, but sure you live for a good time not a long time! lol
(02-02-2013, 08:01 PM)j90xxx Wrote:  We all need to see your big horn. :eek:

Less of that now, my wife reads this forum Big Grin
So where does this bit go then ?
Nice van mate, have you still got the wheels in the 1st picture?

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