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My double din head unit install
I thought Iâ€d post my after market double din head unit installation in my 2010 Berlingo.

I removed the factory fitted one as it was faulty. I wanted something that would play music from my Android phone so I opted for the Pioneer Appradio 2 SPH-DA01. If you attempt this then do some research first as to get this working correctly there was a fair amount of tweaking of the phone and the wiring.

I started by removing the factory head unit (HU). I then cut the plastic separation strip that was between the HU and the pocket above. The Pioneer HU case didnâ€t require an adaptor so physically it sat in the hole like a glove.
I had to purchase an ISO connector but that was plug and play and required no soldering. I also purchased a patch lead and control stick harness so that the steering wheel control would work, again plug and play after following the instructions that came with the patch lead. I also had to get an aerial adaptor lead as the socket in the HU was the old type.

This Appradio also has Bluetooth so can be paired with my phone and the supplied microphone works well, hands free calls so safer driving! It also talks to the phones address book and recent calls which is handy.
I then purchased a reversing camera that I connected to the video input of the HU and I wired the trigger input to the reverse light cable so it switches to the camera when in reverse gear.

At this point the HU was working perfectly as a radio with the steering wheel control, a car phone and a reversing camera system. Note that this model of HU has no CD player as its designed to play media from a phone (Android or iPhone)….I then purchased a Slimport cable that allows HDMI connection from the phone to the HU, there is also a charge cabled on the same cable so the phone can be charged at the same time as “mirroring” Depending on your phone you may need a MHL cable. The HU came with an iPhone cable but this isnâ€t the lightning type, this didnâ€t bother me as I donâ€t have an iPhone. I had to install the Pioneer Appradio app and carkeyboard app to allow partial mirroring of the phone. You need to connect the parking break cable so that itâ€s not possible to drive and operate certain features of the phone (because this is dangerous!).

After searching around on the net I found an app in development that allows FULL mirroring of my phone so the HU turns into the phone meaning all apps and media can be played on the HU speakers and screen (Spotify, Play music, movies, google maps and nav etc etc). The touch screen also works to control the phone so its like having a dash mounted phone! The HU also comes with a discrete dash mount GPS sensor so you can put the phone out of sight and the GPS is still accurate.

I think in total excluding the phone I spent about £280 on the kit and several hours installing and pulling cables but the end result is a dash mounted phone with all the features of a phone! The reversing camera is also great.


If you intend to perform a similar install then do some research as different phones have different levels of compatibility and cables to suit, the camera input is not reversible so you will need a camera that is switchable. For full phone mirroring you need a “rooted” phone (Android).  

You also need a GPS injector app for the HU GPS to work (£5). You will also lose control over the dash clock and will need to refit the factory unit to change the time!

There is also a more advance Appradio but that was more expensive.

Thereâ€s a fair bit to consider but take your time and plan it and you could have a decent system. The XDA developers forum really helped me with the app side of things.

Anyway I thought Iâ€d share it with my Berlingo friends, please ask and if I can I will help
Great write up
That really does look the part. 

2009 Citroen Berlingo 1.6hdi Lx van
1999 Peugeot 406 V6se coupe 
Thanks guys, it all seems to work really well Smile
Just curious are the face plate/screens of these type of radio removable to deter thieving scumbags?

I'm due back to the UK in a few weeks and I'll be treating myself to a Blingo. And these type stereo that allow the reverse camera really seem like a great upragde.
My head unit facia is fixed so unfortunately it can't be removed. There are other double din head units on the market that might allow this but for the price it was something I had to sacrifice.

The head unit i have been looking there are buttons that come off, the display it's self stays put.
Nice work.
liked the solution of the camera..
the combination of reversing sensors and camera is so great.

is it a 6.1 inch player?

i cant understand why citroen has not made a 2din 7"-6" adapter for the orignial cd-player.

here is my mount of camera and 7inch player
(17-10-2014, 07:49 PM)Redjoe100 Wrote:  Â 

just a note to let you know there are facia adapters that will finish off your install,they are not marked for the berlingo but they do fit ,if i can find the receipt for mine i will post the details.from memory it was about a tenner

This is one issue stopping me upgrading mine to a double din, after speaking to my local car audio shop they said Citroen don't make one for the Berlingo as the radio has a slight curve.

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