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My first problem, a broken spring
Finished work today and when I unlocked the lingo my alarm notified me that it had been going off but there was no damage to car, anyway I jumps in and drives off and while driving off there was a loud boing noise with a clicking noise. So I get out and inspect front springs to find near side has snapped at the top.
Not a bad finish for the day something else to pay out for, it was only two days ago our boiler broke down so what's next, they say it comes in three's
I have spring compressors if you fancy giving it a go? Only takes around an hour. I'm only in Wakefield.

I did both sides to save the possibility of the other going in the near future.
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Hi Steve thanks for the offer but i already have access to some i just cant be bothered to do them even though i know i will have to do them, i am off monday so i will probably sort it out then and like you say i think i will do both sides then hopefully they should be ok for a while, its just annoying when everything happens at once lol
That's good advice Steve.The other spring usually breaks in a couple of months.I think it's called sods law.
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Sorted the spring out now, all is good gonna do other side in a few weeks when more cash is available.
(07-03-2012, 05:00 PM)Berlingo HDI Wrote:  Sorted the spring out now, all is good gonna do other side in a few weeks when more cash is available.

Hi berlingo HDI, I had the same thing, o/s front spring snapped at the top, which made it push on the inner wing, so i renewed that one. I month later the other side went. somebody recommended ringing Citroen etc, absolutely useless, thet did'nt want to know. there is a recall to have plates fitted on the the strut were the spring sit's, if it brakes at the bottom and comes out the tyre side it would deflate the tyre etc.
springs cost £22 each, had a quote of £33 from other stockists..fitted new droplinks, the nuts where that rusted had to grind them off. 04 desire:brickwall:
I think I should have replaced the drop links as well but I didn't, oh well a job for next time
There was a recall on this and you can find out whether the modification was done by Citroen by going to their website and checking. Mine had been done, but it still snapped. The main cause is people driving over bumps and humps in the road too fast, or hitting them at an odd angle. Pot holes can also cause problems as well.
I now take the humps that I think caused mine, much slower and squared on to be on the safe side.
I believe the recall was to stop a broken spring once it had failed from falling off and damaging Tyre possibly causing a blow out, I think spring failure is common on any car now with the state of the roads.
The other day I started to get a rattle from nsf wheel area when going over a series of little bumps not neccesarily big ones, I have checked all the work I did to replace spring and all is OK and also checked drop links hand I can't find any movement in the joints. I think I am going to replace it anyway as it the only thing I can think of it being

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