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My new bingo XTR 120
Well, picked up my New Xtr this week, i will try get some pics up just as soon as it stops raining....could be a week..hahahaha,
I ordered it with white paint, modutop forward sensors, rear sensors and Camera. all road pack, tinted windows, 7 inch infotainment system, full mirror and window control ( some dont have, not sure why? ) cruise control and limiter and blue hdi 120 s&s manual box.
Up to now ive only got 160 miles on the clock and its already getting 47.9mpg overall and rising, i will be taking everything easy until its run in, but i can already tell the engine has a lot more pull than my previous xtr 90 which could only get a max 45mpg overall from.
The suspension is much firmer and higher, the 6 speed box has a better feel and slightly shorter throw than the 5, clutch feels lighter but power steering feels heavier but more precise.
The infotainment system can be a pain in the butt, i was looking forward to using the mirror link system but upto now its very limited and hard and inconsistant in use, i watched it being used with the apple car play, which looked very good, i suppose the system must favour the apple system ( no surprise there. ), may get an iphone?
I also miss the lack of cd player, not everyone has their music in mp3 format?
Overall though im loving it, much improved build quality also. ?
No built in gramophone either! CDs are pretty much history now - I'm not sure whether I even own any, and I regularly see boxes of them at wholesale auctions going for literally pennies per CD.

It makes me laugh how you paid extra for raised suspension while, elsewhere on the forum, others are lowering theirs. Mine's a happy middle setting (factory standard).

Sounds good. We need lots of photos, or we won't believe you!
Lol, you dont pay extra for the raised suspension, thats included, though i do go to a lot of places/venues where extra ground clearance is a real bonus.

Anyhow, its still hissing down, plaque of frogs, biblical rain weather, cant wait for our 1 day of summer hahaha.
If it was a proper Citroen like my old BX then you could have any height you fancied just by moving a lever next to the handbrake.

Those were the days. Although every "tick" noise made me wonder if it was all about to go pop, they had amazing ride quality - I haven't experienced anything as good since. It would be great if they could find a modern way of bringing back the "magic carpet" ride.

It would make lots of sense for a van too, where it could self-level despite the load.
I have had mine since mid June, have posted on general chat about it. Loving it. So far 2500 miles, lots to get used to but all good. Averaging 53mpg on long runs, mostly motorways at 70 mph ish. Quieter than my previous one thanks to, I think to the smaller mirrors. I use my phone for music or simply the radio as have the sat nav with live updates. Considering getting a basic iPod or simply a USB stick to load all my music on, but not very good with that sort of thing, need a 12yr old to help me with the teckie side lol. A great car for what I need. As I said, why didn't they give us a 6 speed years ago?
Smaller mirrors - smaller than what?

It looks like the current model has the same ones as my pre-facelift 64-reg from the Citroen site, but I could be wrong. I did see a newer Peugeot Partner with curvier mirrors the other day, but I don't know whether it's different between the brands or due to the facelift.
Sorry, smaller than my old 11 plate Partner, they changed the mirror on the face lift, but I could be wrong. I think the latest generation ones have been made smaller and more streamlined,?
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(10-07-2016, 08:37 PM)Dave Schofield Wrote:  I also miss the lack of cd player, not everyone has their music in mp3 format?

Creating MP3s from CDs is simple. There are a hundreds of apps which you can use to do it. I recently ripped my 350 plus CD collection, which took just over half the space on a 32Gb MicroSD card. I still have to pinch myself that the whole collection now resides in the mobile 'phone in my pocket.

It must have stopped raining by now, where are these photos you promised? Wink
Peugeot Partner Combi 2.0 HDi Escapade
I think I have about 150 albums on a 32GB USB stick in mine. This was at the highest quality setting I could download (WMA 192kbps). I don't know whether you could tell the difference between quality settings in the real world over a diesel engine and road noise, but mine certainly sounds just like a CD to me.
I have no problem with tech, ive got a 8gb stick already filled, but mp3 just hasnt got the sound quality of wave.
Pictures are on hold at the moment, as im on away holiday for 2 weeks. She has done jst over 1000 miles and is gettting around 55mpg overall.

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