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Nearly a Berlingo, but not quite.
Hi folks,

After a 110 mile round trip yesterday, I got back home with this Big Grin

[Image: PartnerCombi1_zps1dc7c924.jpg]

[Image: PartnerCombi3_zps2f159760.jpg]

[Image: PartnerCombi2_zpsdb97ca0e.jpg][url=][/url]
It's a 2001 (51) 1.9 n/a diesel and just about run in with 170,000 miles on the clock.
Mot is until next August, but does need a few jobs doing.
It's got a broken spring, oil leak on the gearbox, cambelt needs doing and there aren't any covers over the belt either. One rear metal brake pipe is corroded, so will replace all of them to be sure, there's a bearing humming away, o/s/f wheel bearing I think. Exhaust blowing a bit, drivers seat base collapsed.
Enough to keep me busy for a while.
Oh yeh, speedo doesn't work either.
There's probably more that I've forgotten/will find as well.
Nice colour, the jobs will keep you out of trouble for a while.

2009 Citroen Berlingo 1.6hdi Lx van
1999 Peugeot 406 V6se coupe 
Cheers Mark.
Yeh, I reckon they will. lol
Drivers side drive shaft removed today to investigate a noisy bearing.
Centre bearing on the shaft seems fine, so I think I was right in thinking it was just wheel bearing whilst on test drive. Will find out tomorrow. New track rod ends and bottom joint as well as they're a bit loose and the rod end rubber is damaged.
Good project should keep you busy for a few week's when she's done there's another 170,000 in there
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I totally agree. If these engines are fed and watered properly, they'll just keep going and going.
My old 205 1.7 nad was driven hard most of the time (I was early 20's!), but never from cold. It was serviced regularly and I always kept an eye on coolant and the temp. It never overheated with me and was 100% reliable, even at 245,000 miles. Even then it didn't smoke and always flew the emissions test at MOT time (probably coz it spent a lot of it's life with me near the governor).
Not much of an update, but got a little bit done today.
o/s/f wheel bearing replaced, bearing on the top spring seat replaced, just waiting for another front spring, then the leg can be built up and be put back on.
New bottom ball joint and track rod end on the o/s done as well.
Gotta replace the outer cv boot clip as the one on it isn't tight enough and is allowing grease to seep out covering the abs reluctor ring and covering the abs sensor as well.
I'm hoping that once this is all cleaned up again and the boot is tight that my abs light won't come on anymore after a few mins driving.
Got my cambelt kit and a new water pump ready to be fitted, then I've gotta find a set of timing belt covers as mine are missing. Hopefully some on the van in the local scrappy I can get.
At your mileage I would advise checking the valve clearances as it's a camshaft off job.Good luck with your little list.Changing the trans oil is not a bad idea.
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