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Nemo & Citan Traveliner
2 items that might be of interest. Nemo Multispace is no longer on Citroen UK website, so has it been discontinued? Peugeot & Fiat versions appear to be still available.

An interesting new vehicle is Mercedes Citan Traveliner. The car version of the Citan will apparently be sold in the UK & is available in high spec versions with alloy wheels, climate control etc. You may notice it looks familiar. It is in fact a badge engineered Renault Kagoo, built on the same production line in the factory in eastern France. Nice looking car though. The publicity states that Merc buyers should not be put of buying what is actually a Renault because it will be built to 'Merc standards'. If they had done a deal with PSA it could have been a Merclingo. Big Grin
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I looked at the Mercedes Citan, Renault put me off.
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The group may have a glut of unsold pugs and flats so restrict citroen sales until it has cleared.
The C15, C3 mk1,and Blingo Mk2 all did a few encores after being discontinued the first time
Yes that is possible but the Nemo combi is a poor seller in France compared with the Berlingo & also in the UK I suppose. I've often wondered why they actually produced the Nemo because I would have thought if you want that sort of car you would go for the bigger one, ie Berlingo.
Our local Post Office run a pair of them alongside the ageing Combo Vans.
They seem ideal for the task
That Citan Traveliner looks absolutely awful!
That thing is SO ugly!
Looks like a Kangoo has rear-ended a Merc!
Or a Merc/Reno 'cut and shut'!
Aarrrggggh! My eyes!
! :eek: !
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I think a few of us discussed before that PSA screwed up enlarging the lingo from the mk2 and then introducing the smaller nemo. The nemo is probably fine as a small van but it was a daft concept as a multispace. Too small to reap any benefits from the lingo design sliding doors, pokey back seats and boot. Bring back the mk2!

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My wife drives for a firm which uses Berlingo vans and they are not replacing them with same make because the new ones do not fit in the warehouse as they are longer. The drivers all like the old vans.
So where does this bit go then ?
The Nemo is still available as a van, just not the multispace variant. I'd hazard a guess they just don't sell because they were not significantly cheaper (if at all) than the very similar C3 picasso, and a LOT less refined. If I remember rightly, the Nemo was the same price as the Berlingo for equivalent spec when we were looking.
I've yet to see a nemo multispace other than the one that was in the showroom when we bought our Berlingo. Plenty of Nemo vans though. And they are ugly.
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I'd wondered if that was the case when i was looking for info on Nemo's on the Citroen website recently.

We actually considered the Nemo/Bipper/Qubo and had a test drive of a Qubo. What appealed was the £30 roadtax and higher mpg, but it was just too small for our dogs and the boot with its wheel arches did seem very narrow after seeing the Berlingo's. I didn't mind its looks though don't think the big bumper shape was a good style feature.

See what you mean the Citan is very ugly, reminds me of the old shape Doblo.

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