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New Berlingo or...?

I'm thinking about replacing my trusty 51 plate 1.9D with something newer, but what to go for?

I have been looking at newer HDi based M9 Berlingos but also at things such as C3 Picassos and even Nemos.

Can anyone explain the main advantages of the C3P and Nemo over the Berlingo and the disadvantages, as I'm just getting 'waffle' from dealers?

What I like about the Berlingo is the fact that it's a car AND a van and that it's cheap to maintain and run. I like the higher than normal driving position and the car seems to 'fit' me nicely. I like the fact that the kids/wife have lots of space in the back. However, it can be difficult to park in small spaces. The C3P and Nemo seem to be cheaper to tax and run, but are they more expensive to maintain? I hear the legroom in the back is less but is it an issue in real life?

What I'm worried about is if I buy a C3P or Nemo am I forever going to be saying "It's not a Berlingo" to myself, or do they offer things the Berlingo doesn't?

Lastly, is the later version of the Berlingo an improvement over the older version? If you were offered an old version at about £3.5k or a newer one at £5k, both with 50k miles on the clock, which one would be the best buy?
We had an 03-reg facelifted older model before the new model, and the new one's a big step forward. It's quieter, nicer inside and generally better in every way to my mind.

Alternatives depend on your needs really. I wanted a Berlingo as I need to be able to take the back seats out and get a pallet-full of boxes in the back. That means that pretty much nothing else was an alternative. But if everyone had the same needs then there'd be nothing else on the roads, and that's clearly not the case.

If you think a Berlingo's big then check the dimensions against other cars. It's not actually much longer or wider than many other cars - it just feels it because the sides and back are near-vertical. The C3P and Nemo will be smaller though.

I thought the Nemo was only a bit less money for a lot less van/car, and the C3P likewise. Both it and the C3P are nice machines though.
What I like about the CP3 is that it's slightly more refined and more economical on the fuel. How much smaller is the back with the seats down, than a Bling? (My 'original' Bling hasn't got removable seats anyway, so not something I'd necessarily miss)

Tending away from the Nemo as it looks like it has got a 'fat lip'! ( Berlingo isn't pretty but I have to draw the line somewhere..what on earth were Citroen thinking when they designed that?)

I suppose a lot of it is down to me, wanting to try something new. I can't fault the Berlingo I have; done about 100,000 miles in it since I bought it and have owned it about 10 years so had my money's worth. Just didn't want to replace it with a 'new' one to find it didn't give me similar value for money.

The HDi engines are generally rugged and reliable, are they?
You need to find the thread - I think 335,000 miles is the record here. So yes.

I know what you mean about the Nemo. It's a Fiat/Peugeot/Citroen collaboration, made for them by Tofas in Turkey. To my mind, it should be dirt-cheap but isn't.

It entirely depends on what you need the space for. Having said that, I would miss looking down on all the cars if I got something more ordinary.

Go for a test drive. That's what we did, intending to buy a used one after. Then the thousands started falling off the price and we ended up buying new, and I'm very glad we did now - it's proper lovely.
I would go with the mk3, I have owned one for just over a year now, and its been brilliant for the family, I use it to tow a small caravan and to carry all the family gear about!
The HDI engine has worked hard and never complained, still returns excellent mpg.
Go for one with the rear parking sensors they are great! Smile
Thanks for all the advice, guys. Looking like a MK3, although it's at the top end of my budget so might have to retro fit sensors and stuff. I think if I wait for one to come along with sensors I'll be waiting ages..

Seen what I think is a nice XTR but in a horrible colour and looks a bit daft; are there any issues specific to the XTR I should be wary of? Someone mentioned rear tyre wear?

Fiat's involvement explains the look of the Nemo; anyone remember the Multipla that looked like a cottage loaf? I never even realised Tofas existed though. I assume the Bling MK3 is still produced by PSA at their Vigo plant? You are right about the pricing - second hand they are nigh on what I'd expect to be paying for a Bling but there's so much less of it. Having said that I can sort of understand it fills the niche left by the MK1 Bling, that of a very basic people mover that people aren't afraid to be a bit rough with.

Thanks also for the info on the general ruggedness of the HDi; I have a DW8 and was worried that maybe the HDi wouldn't be a match. I toyed with the idea of getting a 1.4 Skoda Roomster (Yeah, I know) but heard horrible stories about some 3 cylinder VAG diesel engines giving up after 50k miles which scared me off them (and VAG owners have the cheek to question PSA reliability!)
My thinking is that if you get a car based on a delivery van that's well established then it should be much more reliable than average. Royal Mail must have thousands, and if they broke every other day you can bet they'd be having words with them.

What's the horrible colour? The colours are very different, but I think I could live with any that I've seen.

The XTR's the best one, but don't ignore the VTR - they have a few missing features, but they're not very different. Many van owners are going to great lengths to get body coloured bumpers and it's now an extra cost option, but us Multispacers pay extra for the black ones on the XTR instead of body-coloured on the VTR! I prefer the black personally, I think the Blingo suits the rugged no-nonsense look.

They are all built at Vigo, by Peugeot Citroen.

Let us know how you go on.
Well the dealer has decided to bump the forecourt price up by £200 above the Autotrader price and refuses to budge, so I'm looking elsewhere. I'm not going to pay more than originally advertised!

The "horrible colour" was white. White isn't a bad colour in itself but on a Berlingo with tinted windows it looked like a second hand ambulance. The bumpers have fat silver bands on them which whilst correct, look like someone had replaced the originals with ones off a silver car. Colour isn't a problem to me and I was sort of growing used to the thought of having a white one but now it's not to be Sad

Bit fed up with the whole thing now so might just stick with the MK1 that I have.

Edit: That's the one thing I like about the Berlingo - van parts that are generally cheap to buy, basic but rugged with it.

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