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New gal says hello
Just bought a 2002 1.9 diesel multispace. I've always wanted to drive a van and can pretend that I am, even though it's the car version. I love the sound of the diesel engine and the fuel consumption seems to be great after just one week.

The Berlingo, I'm told, is mechanically sound but I was warned that the interior was 'showing signs of age' before I went to view it. I had to catch my breath at the interior.

The seats were shiny with ingrained dirt, the load area floor liner was missing (down to the base metal which was no longer blue but rusty orange), the roof lining and panelling in the load area including rear speakers, lights etc is all missing, the quarterlight windows are opaque with scratches and the hinges have been chewed by a dog so that they no longer open, the electric wiring to the rear window heater is missing, the passenger door mirror was smashed, the parcel load cover was missing, the driver's mirror adjuster was broken off, the speakers are fuzzy, the digital display for the radio doesn't light up, the passenger window regulator doesn't work, the front anti roll bar needs replaced, the struts for the tailgate don't work and the washer pump appears dud.

Despite the above I fell in love and could see the potential to a return to its former glory with a bit of 'pimping my ride' Big Grin.

A rear parcel shelf and passenger mirror was found at a scrappy and I've ordered a few bits off Ebay. The digital display now works with £6 worth of bulbs (delighted) and I've bought made to measure seat covers from Ebay. It's definitely getting there, and the garage have promised to fix the anti roll bar, passenger's window regulator and the tailgate gas thingies on Wednesday (I've been holding the tailgate up with a garden rake!).

Sorry to go on, but I'm already in love with my Van Diesel and needed someone to share it with:lol:

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Welcome. I hope it remains a rewarding project.

Was Van Diesel one of the stars in "Slow and Sanguine"?
(10-03-2014, 06:23 PM)addo Wrote:  Welcome. I hope it remains a rewarding project.

Was Van Diesel one of the stars in "Slow and Sanguine"?


Bdum tish

They are quite characterful vehicles, for what they are. I grew up with diesels so quite like the 'soundtrack' from the 1.9 too.

This has to be the first post I've seen where someone is pleased with the MPG though Big Grin
2004 1.9D Multispace/Budget crew cab work van!
Hi and welcome, I'm sure the lingo will look great once finished you'll appreciate it so much more putting in the work yourself.
I have to agree with chronyx on the mpg! I'm new to lingos and this forum and spent 2 days under the hood and in the workshop getting my mpg even better with help from people on here, give it a month or so and you'll probs be doing the same Big Grin
If in doubt smash it to bits :woop:

:thumbsup: 2006 1.9D Multispace Forte

Hello MissMc welcome to the forum good to have you with us nice to see some one putting life into the old girl just a point has she got a service record and how many mile's as she done a timing belt and water pump mite need a change :thumbsup:
                                     Smile  It's too orangey for crow's It's just for me and my dog  Smile

                                                        Heart Heart Love a lot trust a few  Dodgy


Time on hands combined with an old Berlingo results in obsession.
2005 Enterprise 600 1.9D - It did 85 once but started to smell funny.
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Too right!
Welcome MissMc and nice to see you getting stuck in and enjoying the restoration...

That roof lining hasn't half been hacked at!!
Thank you all. It really is becoming quite an obsession. I've just bought some 'straight to rust' black paint for the metal parts of the seats, and ordered a pair of quarterlight windows from Ebay. They weren't necessary but the original ones no longer open as the previous owner's dog had chewed the catches to the bone, and they were badly scratched.

As for a service history - none at all. It has 119,000 miles and, despite the state of the interior, has had only one owner before us! We were on a strict budget (cost us £875 plus tax) and are just hoping nothing major goes wrong before its MOT in November when we will be in a much better position to afford any work that needs done and give it a proper service. I suppose paying for a service now instead of buying car seat covers would have been money better spent Smile I gave a friend a lift home from work today and she immediately said how nice the seats were (not knowing the filth that was lurking underneath on the originalseats) so I think it was money well spent !.

Next year we're planning on getter a much newer 'main' car and my husband already fancies a newer lingo, so there could be two in the family by then Smile

As for the MPG the fuel indicator hasn't moved much in over a week - but then it could be broke Smile Our other car is a Ford Ka 1.6 sport which guzzles petrol despite its tiny size so I can only compare the lingo to that !
Good luck with your project!

I personally would be getting a full fluid and filter change out, change timing belt and pump, getting the brakes checked and don't forget to change the brake fluid.

I would also get your self down to a scrappy and get yourself a replacement head liner , that will make a big difference

Get your washer pump sorted too as that is a mot failure.

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