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New member 1st problem/question... (Modutop power sockets)
We recently got a 2008 1.6 Berlingo multispace desire.
I've tried reading up on this already and have not been able to find the info I'm looking for, so forgive me if it had been covered.
Anyway, the two 12v sockets in the rear glove boxes, I don't seem to have power to them. The rear ventilation and lighting works though. Question is are the sockets on a separate fuse to the lights and ventilation?
I've checked using a multimeter as read somewhere that the sockets in the rear can be 'awkward', also checked with ignition both on and off to be sure.

While I'm here, we've been having trouble with the rubber seal/trim round the modutop coming out of its Groove above the drivers head, particularly at speed. Is this common? Is it simply a case of it pushed back in properly? Or is there more to it.
As new Berlingo owners is there anything else we could do with knowing?
Turns out it was just the fuse.
F1 - rear power sockets / rear wipers (doors)

And the rubbers seal seems to have faired on so far, must just be a case of getting it seated right.

Anyway, thanks for all the help.
(01-01-2014, 03:50 PM)NoFurtherAction Wrote:  Turns out it was just the fuse.
F1 - rear power sockets / rear wipers (doors)

And the rubbers seal seems to have faired on so far, must just be a case of getting it seated right.

Anyway, thanks for all the help.
You didn't get any help! FWIW the modutop 12V sockets are live all the time. Useful for phone charging etc. When you say modutop seal, do you mean the big one around the whole thing or the small ones around the glass panels. The large one is lifting at the front on our 2003 Multspace. No leaks AFAIK. If you plan to drop the modutop to get at the seal, make sure you have help. I tried it once (to get at hinges on the over head locker). There are cable assemblies to undo etc.
As for things to look for, I would recommend clearing any leaves etc from the drainage areas in front of the windscreen. You have to remove the wipers to get the scuttle plate out (plastic grill) which can require a small puller. Below the scuttle there are holes that water drains through. Make sure these are clear. There are many many problems on this forum related to water damage of the BSI (one of the computers), due probably to water finding its way into the area under the drivers side of the dash, and you don't want that.
Happy motoring.
Hello NFA welcome to the forum Glad you got it sorted
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Thanks for the belated welcome guys, was beginning to think that the place was either derelict or full of anti social trolls. (BookFace has a lot to answer for)
Info about the drains, (will take a look in there when the weather improves), very welcome, had serious BSI trouble on a previous car, don't want to go through that again...
It's the big seal I was looking at. I assume it's more of a trim piece round where the original roof will have been cut out and the modutop roof welded in in its place, no sign of Any leakage despite a good couple of feet popping right out. I was concerned at one point that a good gust would catch it and we'd have to try and source a replacement!
My advice is unless it's leaking: DO NOT disturb that seal! The seal works like a windsceen seal and is actually holding
the Modutop roof panel in place. The Modutop panel is NOT welded in it relies entirely on the integrity of the seal.
I have had a '06 Berlingo Desire for three and a half years and it is parked outside as it's too tall for my garage and
it's given no problems.
Things that I do to ensure the long life of the roof seal and the adhesive with which it's glued in:
Never use an automatic car wash. Get the local Eastern European's Car Wash to clean the car...they do a better job for the same money anyway!
Never load the fitted roof bars. The maximum permitted load is 35 kilos and that can be expected to reduce with age. I don't use them.
I think that any loading force that makes the roof panel flex is 'playing with fire'. Replacing that seal is a huge job that involves almost
entirely stripping the interior of the vehicle.:eek:
Just my opinion of course.
Welcome to the forums, you'll find a great deal of useful info. here. Confusedtudy:
The Older I get the Better I Was!  Cool
Hi Ol'Jeffers
Agree entirely with your advice on the Mk2 modutop. I have a 2005 Multi space with modutop, and certainly wouldn't put anything on the roofbars, but I don' t think the construction is quite as you imagine. From what I can gather from web research and Citroen repair manual, the complete roof panel is bonded in. A big hole is cut in the roof and the big seal is then fitted around the hole. It has a "u" channel that clips onto the cut edges of the hole. A sealant is applied to the u channel of the seal which is then securely pushed into place with a sort or roller tool. Bonding is then applied to the roof panel and the panel is pushed up into the aperture from inside the vehicle, to rest against the inner surface of the big seal, and is held in place with a big jig while the bonding sets to the metalwork surrounding the hole.
The seal is obviously mean't to keep water out, but is not structural. I had water dribbling from the front outside corners of my seal, although the bonding seemed to be intact because thee was no evidence of internal leaks. I had several attempts to seal the seal, as it were, but in the end took the big seal completely out from outside ( and the modutop didn't fall out!) My concern was that if water leaked into the channel or any gaps between the modutop and the roof, it might freeze and crack the bond holding the modutop in place. Unlike most sunroofs, there doesn't seem to be a drainage channel for water that gets past the seal. Also, if there was a gap or flaw in the bonding, water might leak internally. Getting the big seal back in from outside was very very difficult and I did toy with just filling the gap where it had been, with a liquid rubber type sealant. In the end, however, I squeezed in loads of liquid rubber all weather sealant into the channel (and hence any gaps between the modutop and the roof) and then forced the seal back in and cleaned off any XS sealant that was squeezed out, from the outside. A difficult messy job that I wouldn't repeat in a hurry. At least there shouldn't be anyway for water to get inside, now, even if the outer seal is not perfect. However, no car washes or roof boxes for me!

Happy to be corrected on any of this, but so far it has worked for me!

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