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New member joining
Hi All,
A quick hello from a forum newbie!
Just got my first Berlingo - very impressed!
It's a 2007 Car derived Van - the perfect workhorse for my business.
Just passed it's MoT - so now for a few tweeks (For business uses)
Hello and welcome, the Berlingo will be ideal for your usage, presumably fishing and shooting etc.
Hello pikeandshot welcome to the forum good to have you with us enjoy your new toy  Smile
                                     Smile  It's too orangey for crow's It's just for me and my dog  Smile

                                                        Heart Heart Love a lot trust a few  Dodgy

Welcome to the site!
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Hello Pike, it's not a car derived van so watch out for the speed limits if you get any uppity policemen who know their motors. It was made as a van before it became a car so the van rules apply to it. My wife drove one for a delivery firm and it was pointed out to them. Welcome to Berlingos and hope it all goes well Big Grin
So where does this bit go then ?
Yes ffrenchie is right. Nemos and all types of Berlingos are vans, and the "car" versions (ie. Multispaces are simply "Van derived cars") so be careful with the speed limits (especially in Bedfordshire where Nemo van drivers have been done for exceeding the 50 mph on single carriageway roads, ... unbelievable, but true!). My B9 L2 van is listed on the Logbook as being a Category n1 goods vehicle, which means : 50 mph on 'A' Roads, 60 mph on dual carriageways, and 70 mph on motorways... though I push the envelope out a bit when I can! Only vans like Corsavans, Fiestavans, Astravans and the old Ford Escort vans are truly rated as "Car derived vans". ie. the car came first, then a van was based on the chassis.
This has been worth reading as I thought the difference came on speed limits when the vehicle was a LCV or LGV. 44 miles of my drive everyday is on the A3 before it becomes the A3M where I'll be happily doing 70mph but technically I should be doing 60mph?

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