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New stereo and speakers and still crappy sound
Have had my berlingo mk2-2004 for three years now and I have never liked the performance of the stereo.

So I bought a new stereo and new speakers with separate crossover that and I installed quite quick using the installed cables.

SPL Ice IC6.2
Pioneer MVH-350BT

I did not expect amazing sound but better then what came out of the new speakers.
What I'm missing is any type of bass, tweeters are ok and clear but if I'm tweaking with loudness and bass-level there is no improvement of bass, just some kind of distortion.

From the output on the back of the stereo I had a new wire down to the +&- on the crossover.
Then for the tweeter and bass I had new wires back to the stereo connecting these cables to the original cable harness and connected the new elements and fitted them in the dash and doors.

I used the original cables to avoid the work trying to refit new cables through the door-grommets.

Have I missed something in the installation or are the solidity of the doors so crappy that they can't handle the new speakers, if so what can I do to improve the bass with current specification?

Thanks in advance/
The door speakers are only mounted to the door cards. I mounted mine through to the door shell (the provisions are there for nylon screw anchors to clip in); definitely more bass, a good bit more "gangsta rattle". It also showed up the speakers' limitations quite smartly...
What about clearance to the window with this setup?
Do You have any pictures?
Advice from a HiFi nut!!! The speaker must be mounted solidly and rigidly
and for a speaker to work correctly this is essential. I also think it's a false
economy not replacing the speaker cables for some 79 strand stuff.
The Older I get the Better I Was!  Cool
I agree the original wiring is not ideal. Built for price, not quality!

For our man in Sweden, some details:
right where to start... after market cables will make no difference to the sound whatsoever using the headunit power, mounting the speakers to the metal inner skin of the doors will improve bass response if you sound deaden the door fully and properly, ie seal all the air gaps from behind the speaker to the front, also deaden the out skin of the van aswell, the speakers you have chosen are also designed to be run from an amp (in which case I doubt even then a decent speaker cable will make any difference with 60 watts rms up em, cable is a big myth unless your running huge power - I used to use 8 gauge power cable for speaker cable with anything over 2krms, it wont hurt running bigger speaker cable, but will it improve the sound over standard stuff... not that the average joe will discern - think thousand pound installs and even then in a car I bet you cant tell different cables apart, its a huge myth propagated by companys that sell cables), its the headunit that will run out of steam first, not the speakers

sound from a speaker is 80% install, 20% kit, if you install the best stuff poorly it will sound poor, install cheap decent kit well and it will sound a million times better than the previously mentioned best stuff fitted poorly, in order of importance id deaden the doors properly first, then consider an amp, then some kind of subwoofer to play the sub bass end of the spectrum
Hmmmm.....I wasn't advocating that the OP spent stupid money on silver plated or even OFC cable but standard 79 strand cable
which is cheap enough will tighten up the bass and also get the best out of the treble response of the amplifier. No point
buying decent speakers and using what amounts to bell-wire to connect them.
The Older I get the Better I Was!  Cool
Thanks for Your input!

I will start with damping the doors and add bafflers to stiffen upp the doors around the speakers new cables and further on will never happen on this car, bought it for 1000 Pounds...

This will wait untill spring though, snow and below zero here in sweden and the garage is cramped up with everything but the car...

Will come back when I have put some effort into this.


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