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New van problems
Hi All,

Newbie here. Just picked up a battered 02 2.0 van yesterday and already having problems.

1. Wipers are so weak that they go up but will not come down.

2. This one is more worrying. I filled the tank up yesterday, travelled ten miles and the gauge is now pointing at the three-quarters mark.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

(An old man with van)
Hi & welcome.Re wipers,make sure the spindles are free & not rusted.WD40 the spindles to see if they improve.If so'apply oil weekly for a month or so.Check motor links as well.
Fuel gauges are a bit temperamental on older vehicles.To be sure,fill tank,drive for 1 or 2 hundred miles & refill.This is more accurate (& keeps your pants cleaner on motorways etc).Goood luck & let us know how you get on.:thumbsup:
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Wipers, likely the motor is dead. I got a replacement from ebay for £15.

I tried greasing and oiling everything, stripped and cleaned the motor, it was just plain old worn out.
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Reporting back after 1 week. The wipers are a little stuff still but usable. The dials on the head unit however have all failed! The odometer and clock still works.

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