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No working radio, cigarette lighter and tachometer
Hello, I'm new here, live in France and just got a French Berlingo 1.9D (1999) and I'm a bit confused.
It is possible that these problems = no working radio, cigarette lighter and tachometer are not related.

I want to start by checking the fuses.

I compared the fuse box (under the steering wheel) with other examples everywhere, but I just cannot find a simular. The manual show yet another one. Has anyone any idea which fuse is what?

[Image: 17074767271_6c052225ec.jpg]

The radio is not the original but a JVC KD-S641


At least you don't have a bsi to worry about, !

Your fuse box looks like a mirror image to mine , must be the French way of confusing the brits and everyone else.

The only sure way is to methodically take one out at a time, checking the fuse is ok then putting it back in the proper slot.
That fusebox looks pretty normal to me.
It's a French version, so steering and fusebox is on the lefthand side.

Check the fuses as suggested, first.
The one marked 'SH - HS' isn't a fuse, though, but a 'shunt' (just a fancy name for a jumper.)
Don't remove that one. It connects two sections of the fusebox together.

It may be a good idea to check what suddenly stopped working and writing it down as you pull each fuse.
I think F1 is the radio, F16 is the cigarette lighter, you could have a fuse box in the engine bay which could have relays and maxi fuses in.
Are we there yet????? No we fecking ain`t  gggggrrrrrrr
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
Thanks for the answers, very nice. (A French Berlingo is the real thing, though. Wink )

I'm still confused by the Ampère values of the fuses. There is no F1 as far as I can see. I would love to have a list like 1 = radio 2= airbag , but since there is no F1, and the radio used to work according to the owner, I cannot imagine F1=radio. I found lots of simular lists, but the ampères were all different.

I checked the fuses, the wire inside was not broke in any of them. Or do I have to check them with the motor on? I feared blowing up the BSI, but there was no need, I understand, because there isn't one? Thank heaven for that.

I'm used to a simple 2cv engine, so this is all new for me.

I don't eactly how to continue troubleshoot this problem. I'm consulting the Haynes, but wiring diagrams need some study.
Looking at your fuse box F1 or fuse 1 is top right and there is no fuse in it. I cant make out if there is contacts in the fuse box to take a fuse though. Fuse 16 is bottom right and has a blue 15 a fuse in it. Also F 19 is for illumination of the radio. Check fuses with a multimeter and to check for power after the fuse for certain functions you need the ignition on.
Are we there yet????? No we fecking ain`t  gggggrrrrrrr
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
Just as I said, there is no fuse in F1, so it cannot be the radio.

Thanks anyway. I'm desperate for a list of functions of the particular fuse box. But probably something else is the matter.
Never assume that a seller tells the truth about something that 'used to work'...
I'll post the list of fuses in my car this evening.
(Maybe some of it is the same as in yours.)

Mine's also a 1999 (good vintage) but a 1.4i, non-aircon, with fabric sun roof.

Do you have a good multimeter and know how to use it?

Don't worry about blowing up the BSI, though, that wasn't introduced until 2000.
The F1 position is for a shunt fuse , pretensioner and airbags , note the three positions for the fuse blade , F23 is another shunt , position 1 is for cigar lighter with ignition on and position 2 is for on without ignition.

F8 is the radio fuse on mine. remember there will be a fuse on the radio itself.
On mine, which looks pretty similar to the pictured one:
F1 = 10A: Radio
F2 = 5A: Speed sensor, Coolant for engine, Double relay injection(black lump controlling fuel pump on gasoline engines at least), coolant and catalyst warning light, diagnostics connector, headlight indictor on dashboard
F3 = 15A: ABS computer(on cars with ABS)
F4 = 5A: Lefthand front and righthand rear parking lights.
F5 = 5A: Relay driving lights.
F6 = 10A: Relay switch AC
F7 = 20A: Horn, diagnostics connector.
F8 - Shunt
F9 = 5A: Righthand front and lefthandd rear parking lights, license plate lights.
F10 = 20A: Window lift driver's side(lefthand side) + 'sequence box'(whatever that is?)
F11 = 20A Window lift passenger side.
F12 = 20A: Reversing light, 'start blocker' Diesel(?)
F13 = 5A: Switch driver's side window lift.
F14 = 10A: receiver remote control
F15 = 15A: central locking unit.
F16 = 15A: cigarette lighter.
F17 - Unused...
F18 = 5A: Rear foglights, warning light.
F19 = 5A: Lights instrument binnacle, switches, ashtray, radio**
F20 = 25A: Fan AC
F21= 5A: Switch AC, relay fan, relay heated seats, switch heated rear window, timer for heated rear window.
F22 = 20A: Motor rear wiper, timed front wiper.
F23 - Shunt - actually, it's only listed because of the F8 Shunt which is halfway into this slot.
F24 = 20A: Wiper front, motor front wiper.
F25 = 5A: Temperature box coolant, ECU, start blocker diesel, Roof lights front and rear, radio memory, clock
F26 = 15A: Switch emergency lights.
F27 = 30A Heated rear window, heated mirrors.
F28 = 15A: Electric mirror, timed front window wiper, relay window lift.
F29 = 30A: Cooliing fan AC or heated seats.
F30 = 10A: Mapreading light, blinkers, receiver remote, instrument binnacle.

* On a 'PRE BSI' model, the cental locking unit is a separate unit, placed in the side, behind the wall panel next to the lefthand rear passenger seat.

** The Radio usually have more than one supply line; one connected to the ignition, and one direct.

Some items have one fuse for 'ignition off' and another for 'ignition on' situations.
Also, the manual may not be for just one model.

You have a 10A fuse in slot F2, which is weird as it SHOULD have been a 5A fuse there.
I assume the 5A blew, and he did a 'quick and dirty' fix, by replacing it with the F1 fuse...
Which is weird as the 5 leftmost, unnumbered fuses are the spares, and there's a 5A fuse there.

What I fear is that there may be bigger problems somewhere, since replacing a fuse is a £0.1 fix, and can potentially change the value of the car quite a lot. (Didn't he watch Wheeler Dealers on Discovery channel?)
Also, this was a rather hurried translation from Norwegian manual which I worry may have been translated by someone with slightly less than 100% enthusiasm for good cars.

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