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Oil Leak between turbo and intercooler 1.6 HDI
Hi Folks,

EML came on the other day - usual codes for the EGR etc etc, but I decided to have a nose around under the bonnet to see if everything else looks healthy.

Identified 2 issues - the first being the top heatshield wasn't actually bolted down due to the tabs having snapped off - a quick googling tells me this is common though so it's tabbed on with duct tape and will be replaced in due course.

The 2nd slightly more worrying issue was an oil leak from the air pipe which runs from the turbo to the intercooler - at the join between the turbo and said pipe.

Of course this seemed initially like it could be a somewhat tragic and expensive occurrence but.....

upon removing the various air pipes it seems the oil is coming from the crankcase into the turbos air intake and blasting straight through - after much wiggling I was reassured the turbo remains healthy.

I would assume that the crankcase breather works by induced negative pressure and so should have some sort of a PCV valve.

If this is the case I would assume again that the fit from the crankcase to the air pipe should be tight or the valve won't work.

Can any of you confirm if this sounds about right, and if so, if whacking a nice fat rubber O-Ring into this joint would cause the valve to function correctly (unless it is otherwise doomed) ?

it does seem like this leak has been going on gradually for quite some time - think the guy who sold me the car had kindly wiped it off with a rag to make it look pretty but had left all the accumulation of gank down the parts underneath :brickwall:
On mine the connection between the inlet pipe to the rocker cover is relatively slack, it is just a push fit and it doesn't have the best seal. (The manual calls the rocker cover an oil separator from memory) I have yet to see a turbo pipe on any diesel engine that is free from oil residue, I believe that this is quite normal, however if there is an oil leak between the turbo and the intercooler I would look for a split hose or lose hose clamp as these pipes are under pressure. Have a look at the pics in the below post, it may settle your nerves.
Thanks JohnM that is a reassurance indeed - looks exactly the same quantity to mine; however I can't help thinking that when it was new it wouldn't have done this, and that will irk me rather. I did note from the pixture that I am missing a rubber o-ring so will replace that and see if any difference is made. The temptation is to fashion an additional filter into the air feed.I figure it shouldn't be all too difficult if I throw a lot of thought at it to insert a pipe inside the crankcase pipe with a small filter that drains back. If only I had an infinity of time!
You could do a mod vent it to air or put a catch tank in then vent to air then no oil vapour going into the intercooler
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(09-09-2014, 09:00 PM)Jed Clampit Wrote:  You could do a mod vent it to air or put a catch tank in then vent to air then no oil vapour going into the intercooler
I would go this way also. And after some time check to see if there is
oil in tube. If not than you have found that crankcase breather is causing it.
Have changed the o ring on the breather and the one on the turbo to intercooler pipe and now no more leakage. I figure the least work would be to drill a hole in the bottom of the intercoolee drain it out and stick a bolt in it for the moment, then will look into doing the above as a peemanent solution. Im guessing the turbo probably doesnt mind a bit of extra oil too much?
hi evil mate just been searching the forum, as my berlingo van 2010 1.6hdi has a oil leek in the exact place as yours, iam going to change the oil and filters tomo with the proper spec oil and while I have the turbo intake pipe off have a good look and I will take some pics, have you had any further problems since any help would be great, cheers paddywack.
Hi Paddywack,
Have still got a bit of oil blowing out the crankcase and through the turbo as there is residue in the air pipes. I figure the turbo shouldn't mind some oil though. It probably pools in the bottom of the intercooler now, but is only about 2 bars oil in 10k miles - previously was about double that. If it gets concerning i'll make some sort of catchcan arrangement and stick pics up. If you find owt that is odd or unexpected  stick a pic on here  Smile
evil mate when I done the service I took it off and it looked the same as the one in the C4 forum picture, what I did notice was the small o ring had a small indent at the bottom in the 6oclock position, so I slid it around so the dent is now at 12oclock point, give it all a good wipe and clean, so I will keep an eye on it ha ha, and when I refilled the oil I kept it 1\4" below max on the stick, and after driving it for a week no oil has come out yet, so iam happy at the minute,just a thought though I hope the oil isn't goin down the middle of the air pipe? cheers paddy.

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