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Oil Pressure Warning
My wife has a 1.6 petrol Multispace on an 07 plate with just under 28000 on the clock.

She drove to work this morning as normal with no problems, but when she went out to the car at lunchtime and started it up she got the flashing 'STOP' light, oil pressure light and intermittent beep. She shut it off, and called the AA as I was too far away to be of any assistance.

The patrol man checked the car, and my wife had stuck a litre of 5w 30 in earlier as the level was at the lower end of the dipstick. He started the car, listened to it, revved it and expressed the opinion that the oil pressure light/switch may be faulty. He said there were no worrying knocking/scraping/screeching noises that pointed to a serious engine fault.

She managed to drive it home under its own steam with no warning lights, and only got them back again when she parked up. Having looked at it myself, I can confirm the engine sounds normal and the oil light, STOP and beep disappear at just under 2000 RPM.

In terms of maintainance, the car was serviced last year at its MOT and has done around 7000 miles since. The dipstick was not dry before we topped up, so it has never run at a dangerous low level. It sounds ok, as I say, with no 'suspicious' noises.

I would appreciate any input which might agree or otherwise with the possibility of a faulty warning indicator, and any other possibities and remedies. We will obviously get it looked at but thought we would post on here initially to make sure we don't end up being at the wrong end of an unnecessarily expensive garage diagnosis!

Many thanks

Does indeed sound like a duff oil pressure sensor. Needs hooking up to a proper gauge to be sure.

At 28,000 miles 5w30 in a petrol engine is correct. Maybe at 128,000 you might need to use 10w40!

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