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Oil & filter change
Have read on this forum about changing engine oil when hot,even letting the engine run for 4 hours to get the oil hot. This sounds like overkill to me and I am sure garages don't do it. What is the difference in draining the oil after the car has been standing all night? More oil will have drained into the sump by then. This seems to be referring to the 1.6 HDI specifically. Any thoughts on the subject? Cheers.
I drain mine after a decent run(20miles min),take the filter out & leave draining overnight.I think the oil needs to be hot & "stirred" before draining.
I do the same with the transmission.(Apart from the filter bit)
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
Drains better. Always done it myself. But 4 hours is mad. As sed drive for 10-15mins
Using a flush on these engines is helpful I find, definitely when hot, but 4 hrs not easy to do !
(29-01-2013, 09:21 PM)Lighty Wrote:  Using a flush on these engines is helpful I find, definitely when hot, but 4 hrs not easy to do !

No need for a flush. All I do is throw a litre of a spare cheap oil is have to make sure and stuff at the bottom is gone.
I took mine in for a service today -they had it for 3 hrs.
As I drove it out I noticed the temp guage at its normal 85 degrees ,so the dealerships certainly drain the engines hot.

But the 4 hrs really is bullsh.
Once the thermostat has opened and the fan kicks in
it wont get any hotter anyway
Idling for 4 hrs will glaze up the top end and fill up the DPF.

But like ron says you need all the soot and sludge stirred up to let it out with the oil.
Or do both- let the bulk of it out hot then leave overnight to get the drips out
I let mine drain overnight from a warm engine. I always wonder if there's a puddle left in the sump though. The cheap oil is a good idea, or are we being a bit fanatical lol
Hdi owners need to be fanatical!
Im not even sure cheap oil is a good idea for more than a few minutes
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Flushing is to be done at your peril, remember that all the sludge traps in the engine will be wanting to release their hoard.... anyone fancy some new shell bearings putting in on the weekend.
Just my views, you choose for yourself.
I mean when its almost drained pour in a litre. And just leave it run through

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