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Oil filter housing seal kit - Q&A for TU engines
Right, I'm doing a little research for this oil seal kit as it seems to be a pain in the ass finding the correct version, so I'm hoping out of all this to give some valuable feedback once and for all. Obviously Berlingo's with TU engines have a remote / external oil filter housing, in order to clear the catalytic converter, and as it's very common they often leak. It turns out there is no gasket where it connects to the engine block bur rather oil rings that attach to what looks like a pipe. Now one way to try and fix this is using High Performance RTV Silicone for Gasket / Flange etc. Or buying the overpriced kit from either ebay or the dealer. The trouble is which is the correct kit as the part numbers are the same but the diagrams are different?!

Here is a diagram for M59 1.6 16v TU5JP4

Here is a diagram for M59 1.4 8v TU3JP

The seal kit seems to be 1103L8 yet the 1.6 has 4 seals total and they all look completely different. The 4th is 1103K6. Question is, are those diagrams legit and can you save yourself some money buying this on ebay if you know what it really looks like on the inside.....
I will be taking the task to fix this soon so hopefully I will keep you updated unless somebody wants to pitch in and just let us know the answer.
I've been to the dealer today and you know you are dealing with morons when they pull the same software out, pretend it's some top secret program nobody knows about, and tell you they can't select vehicles by engine size to check corresponding part numbers. So long story short I couldn't tell if TUJP3 & TU5JP4 use matching seals by visiting the dealer, however I can tell you some prices

the 1.6 liter engine apparently comes with extra 4th seal which is the 1103K6, none of which are kept in stock for visual inspection, and the price is 12gbp inc. vat wait for it (packet of 10) that's right they won't sell you individual one which he said 70p + vat
Based on random vehicle registration they said for 1.6 16v the part number is 1103J7 price is 18.50gbp inc vat and all you are looking at is the same diagram but instead of the usual oil filter seal (B) you only get 2 seals (A), which leads me to believe 1103L8 (A+B) is identical minus (B oil filter seal, normally included with oil filters anyway)

Ebay picture of 1103L8 claiming to be for TU3JP, you can clearly see the 3rd seal is standard oil filter
Ebay picture of 1.6 oil housing front
Ebay picture of 1.6 oil housing rear

Worst of all nobody seems to be selling anything on ebay than the 1103L8 kit, which they claim it's for TU3JP engines. Eurocarparts or your local part store doesn't do seals like this and its a dealer only part. I am now thinking should I risk and get the seals slightly cheaper on ebay (less than half price) or just RTV silicone the s**t out of the old once and call it a day. I'm already leaning towards my ghetto instincts!
It's done. I've fixed the leak but unfortunately I cant expand on this topic further. At the end when I took off the remote oil filter housing and inspected the seals, they just looked fine to me so I dipped them with some Black RTV high temp silicone (instant gasket thing) and I've driven for couple of weeks with no more tiny annoying leaks.
Here is what the 1.6 oil housing looks like
It came out fairly easy after you remove the 4x 10mm bolts (there is one a little hidden FIY), the rubber ring got stuck to the engine though, but it suppose to be seated in the circle on the oil housing
Inside you can see the 1103K6 rubber seal and that's pretty much it. I did not find a 3rd seal and looking at the diagrams again I can tell you the TU3JP seems to be correct. Next step was to clean the seals with some fuel till they look like this Then it was a matter of just smearing RTV silicone all over them and wait 12 hours before putting oil just to make sure it dries nicely etc. Yes I added RTV to both as I'm not sure which one is causing the leak. They didn't look too deformed, especially the thick black one, so I would honestly save the 18gbp and just fix it this way. I hope my advice helps someone. I still feel the 1103L8 kit is wrong for this car as the only useful seal is the grey one (black on the ebay pic). The next correct seal is the 1103K6. So either way you will have to make 2 correct parts out of 2 different purchases.
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Thank's for the great wright up and pics they sure don't make life easy do they top mark's all round  Cool
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you are right the correct peugeot / Citron Number is 1103.J7

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