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One new Berlingo driver on the roads
Hi friends,
last week i bought my own 2001 Berlingo 1,4i silver metalic. I was looking for universal swiss-knife type car for any occasion (but mostly for my small business), not very expensive, and i thought Berlingo would by the exact car, i'm looking for. It has 258 000 km, but it's condition is excellent (no rust, perfect engine, no damage on paintjob,...), and i'm satisfied. It has a few bugs, but i already fixed some. The reason i'm here, is to get to know the car as well as possible, so i won't be lost, when something goes wrong on the road.

After 1 week i fixed / made these things:

- airbag light was blinking on dashboard, so i cleaned connector under my seat
- fixed noisy plastic inner part of rear up-opening door
- fixed moving handlebar on this rear door above licence plate
- changed broken licence plate bulb
- installed new CD/USB/mp3 player (Sony Xplod) and made it to play without key in ignition, and fixed loosing its settings after turning off

Things i need to repair:

- wind screen and rear window washer
- heater control illumination
- 12V cigarette lighter socket, so i can charge my cellphone
- side door opening mechanism (it needs special care to close properly)

I am very pleased with some new features, that my previous car (Skoda Felicia GLX combi) didn't have:

- power steering system
- electric windows
- HUUUUGE space inside
- better higher seat from the ground
- excellent interior heating

Things i miss:

- remote control locking system
- superb audio system (working on a better one in Berlingo)
- managing seat position for my back (i didn't find a way to change it's possition, there is only lever for folding seat and moving upwards/downwards)
- only 1 side moving door for passengers

All in all, i'm very sattisfied with this car, and i hope it will be reliable all the time with me onboard Smile
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Hi and welcome ! A berlingo is very much like the skoda (having owned both) they are vehicles you get attached too dispite their faults !
Hello iTuxx welcome to the forum glad your happy with your berlingo you will grow to love it :thumbsup:
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thanks for warm welcome guys Smile
Yes, it seems the engine and other components under the hood are very similar to my Felicia. I like the feeling, i can fix so many things myself. I'm scared of new cars with tons of electronic systems, because you can't do repair on the road. You only can pop up the hood and see all parts covered up. And then call for some service center.

Tomorrow i'm going to take heating control apart together with 12V socket, and find out, which bulbs are used for illumination, so i can buy new ones.
So 12V socet is repaired, illumination as well.
But today my berlingo left me 100kms from home Sad
It started to make sounds like truck, only 2-3 valves were working, and it was unable to get me home, so i had to call friend to pull me home with his bmw. What a shame.
I hope this situation won't happen again Sad
Some pics would be great - most of the things you mentioned you missed you can rectif :thumbsup:

We must have half of UK Berlingo owners on the road by now...
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Only half? At least the overseas membership is growing apace.:thumbsup::thumbsup:
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Pics of what? I don't know where the problem is. Engine suddenly started to sound like a tractor or truck, running in lower rpm caused whole car to shake, exhaust was making "buf buf" sound like rally carsSmile it shook so hard, even my front left direction light fell of Confusedillyme:
I suppose, its something to do with spark plug or its cable or inductor. Due to its kms or age and the temperature bellow zero it was inevitable to broke down. I think that previous owners didn't care about the car well and it is impressive, how good condition it still have.

Anyway, this engine repairs are too difficult for me to perform, as i don't have space for it to make it happen. We pulled the car right in front of my friends repair shop, and he will check the car for me.
Good luck.I hope it's not too costly.:thumbsup:
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
Today i broughtt my car home. The culprit was ignition coil (i don't know exact english word :whistle: ). All 4 are in one block so there was necessary to change whole part. Original new cost about 180€, but i agree to instal cheaper one.
They also fix my windscreen washer, correct door closing, wrench icon on dashboard display. Whole service cost me 138€. I think it's not that much. Now i have fully working berlingo Smile
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