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after having a diag machine plugged in it came up with the fault code of P0170 which i belive is fuel related, i have just had it service but it was hard to start and did knock when turning over but then goes as soon as its running and seems to run fine. any thoughts please
It might help if you give some details of the vehicle... petrol / diesel which engine etc.....
sorry that would help woudnt it, its a 05 1.9d with the dw8 engine, had full service and timing belt done few days later eml light came on pluged in diag and the code was p0170, my mechanic thought it might be a loose fuel pipe which he resecured, but ive been on the net and alot of people seem to get this code after a timing belt change.
thanks inadvance
I've seen this a couple of times related to injector number 4's wiring connector, broken or disturbed,
Other than that... many fuel system related faults relate to this code Smile
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thanks i will try that bloody cars
the timing was out got that adjusted and the light has not come back on
New mechanic time. Next time it could be a few more teeth out and then it's a knackered engine.
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thats what i was thinking as there is a belt whine now, like its rubbing on something.

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