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P0170 fault code
After changing the injectors, fuel filter, cat converter, O2 sensors, stepper motor, potentiometer, crank angle sensor, temperature sensor, thermostat, engine block & head gasket, brake rotors & pads, rear brake cylinders & brakes, radiator, oil filter and two front tires I thought I had finally managed to get to the end off my problems BUT Oh no, this old girl decided to throw in a few more for me to fix. After clearing the old codes I discovered that one more had been added P0170, this reports FUEL TRIM MALFUNCTION (Bank 1) & the causes being either a vacuum leak, faulty O2 sensors, maf sensor, oil sensor, ignition coil, fuel pressure.
So after I checked for leaks in fuel line & found nothing, I don't have a MAF sensor, brand new O2 sensors, clean oil sensor & new coil I finally found that the air filter housing cover had a broken connection where the breather hose connects. So now with a new (2nd hand) cover fitted & code cleared the old girl is running like new all apart from a few bushes underneath that need changing, lower arms and power steering boot.
I will finally get to the end I hope.

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Cheaper to buy a new car :-)
Ex 1.4 Berlingo Multispace
WoW you sure like a challenge Confusedalut: have you changed the belt's yet :whistle: Smile
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Yes belts changed in 2010 when the water pump decided to break apart, literally. I still have to change both lower arm bushes plus the off side boot on the power steering hydraulics plus the anti roll bar bushes.

Hi Griff,

Yes it would be, I'm thinking of getting an XTrail, it's big enough for my gear plus carry passengers

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