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Permanent feed cigarette lighter
Evening all,

My cigarette lighter only works when my ignition is on but I'm sure it used to be able to be used when the ignition is off.

Could anybody confirm this, if so is there anything I can check.

Many thanks,

What year is your car?
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  • Gordon_Taylor
Morning Addo, it's a 1996
Easy one, then. On the fuse panel near your right knee, there's a couple of fuses - one at the very top, one at the bottom of the two parallel "tracks" of fuses, that can be hopped across half a space. One feeds the lighter, one the radio. Try pulling one to see which cuts the radio, so you can then reposition the other fuse.

The link below is for a Xantia but same principle - Fuses 1 and 16 can be moved one leg sideways:
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  • Gordon_Taylor
Weird, I took the bottom fuse out and found it was the lighter fuse and when I put it back I can now use the light socket without the ignition on.

Thanks for the info Addo.

Many thanks,


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