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Petrol in by mistake!
Well after 30+ yrs of driving..(& due to a lot on my mind at the time) I put 10L of petrol in my 1.9 diesel Blingo by mistake..:brickwall: Confusedillyme:
I then put in £26-worth of diesel in & drove 4 miles home.(the needle was nudging the red as I stopped for 'fuel').
Now then..dilemma time...:whistle:
Do I drive the 4 miles back to my local garage & fill tank to the brim?
(thus reducing the petrol/diesel ratio).
OR find out how to drain my tank here at home before driving any more??
On Google it really is a mixed bag of opinions as to whether damage will be done to pump & injectors if ANY petrol is present in the tank..?? Many do say the 5/1 mix after filling up will be OK..??
HONEST suggestions would be welcome from you forum members..Thank you.
Not 100% sure but if you fill the tank with diesel it should be ok?!
I've done about the same in a X reg MK2 Renault Scenic engine & just brimmed it with diesel with no ill affects. I've done far worse with a 53 reg 2.0 Rover 75 (BMW) diesel where I put 3/4 tank petrol in a virtually empty tank. It didn't like it but I drove the 1 mile back to the garage & brimmed it with diesel & kept doing so every 50-100 miles or so with no noticable effects.

I'd think for that small amount you'll be fine if you make sure you top it up with diesel.. All the advice I had - AA first time & my mechanic the 2nd was that modern diesels are quite robust in this regard & wil even benefit from the decoke that will result! I didn't think I'd get away with the Rover as I'd put so much in & set off but my mechanic was right & the car continued to give faultless service for the rest of my time with it.
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Just keep filling it with Diesel for next couple of days to dilute it as much as possible.
Former 2011 Mk3 XTR owner Confusedalut:
If it was me I would fill it to the brim with derv and drive it then every 100 miles top it up and dilute the mix down.
Are we there yet????? No we fecking ain`t  gggggrrrrrrr
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
How about tipping in a bottle of two-stroke oil?
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(14-10-2013, 09:20 AM)addo Wrote:  How about tipping in a bottle of two-stroke oil?

I agree especially in the 1.9 diesel a litre of cheapy two stroke oil will help no end did very similar on my 1.9 a few years back:whistle:. added some two stroke oil, then brimmed it with diesel, then topped up every time I could squeeze in a few quids worth to dilute it down, no probs ran fine after:woop:.
I put 6 litres of petrol in mine before I noticed. I then filled it with diesel and drove about 120 miles with no ill effects. The only effect I did notice was that fuel consumption appeared to be worse. No bangs, no smoke, no after effects. Suggest you keep topping up with diesel as others suggest, don't drive it too hard, and stop worrying.
Well you lot..a big thanks may be in-order to you..not for sorting my problem out, more-so for putting my mind at ease..I will indeed fill it to the brim 2mrw & as mikeB says..'stop worrying'
Cheers now, best ones as ever to you all U.S.
I know the question was about a Mk1, but would the advice be the same for a Mk3 1.6 HDi engine with a particle filter?

I haven't put petrol in mine as yet, just wondering if it would cause damage to the newer engine

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