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Peugeot Partner Tepee (18
Hello guys Smile i will show You my pug. maybe it is not berlingo, but still B9 Smile

So I will tell You what I did already:

-upgrade alloy's from 15" to 17" 225/45/17 Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta ( 17x7.5J ET-29 From pug 3008)
-tint window's on the back with foil 5%
-add cruise control
-add (box) center console
-upgrade display to RNEG ( VIPNav/MyWay )
-add CB Radio
-C-Quartz on the paint

My pug is running on Valvoline oil 5W40, and K&N High Airflow Filter.

It is 92HP hdi, as You will see on the picture, but soon i Will fix that Big Grin
-chip to 110-115HP
-lower by H&R
-steering wheel from pug 308GTI ( but my later, cause need also neew Airbag )

[Image: puziojpg_nnexaxp.jpg]
[Image: felunjpg_xeqwpwh.jpg]
[Image: P1100602j_xnqhhnw.jpg]
[Image: 121029155_xxsaxaa.jpg]
[Image: 201306261_nnexanx.jpg]
[Image: navijpg_nheansq.jpg]
[Image: Hamowniaj_nephxxs.jpg]
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Welcome Fazy. That's a nice looking Berlingo lookalike :whistle:We love hearing of peoples' mods.Have fun.:thumbsup:
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
Fine looking motor :thumbsup:
I fancied the sessantas , but price put me off Confusedillyme: are yours ms rated and do you use them all year round ? I just presume Polish winters are pretty harsh :eek:
Nice reflections from paint :drool:
Yes, Winter in Poland are harsh, then I use Goodyear Ultra Grip +7 (195/65/15) on picture is seems like first snow Smile Driving on summer tires is dangerous, and stupid. I bought Vredestein about £80 each.

I'm small detailer Big Grin so my car shine. Now is covered with C-quartz, paint after that have nice (glass) reflections, of course i polish it a bit before

Now I'm trying to get H&R lower springs but in Poland is rly hard, and it cost a lot of money. My friend with is worlking in UK says he can bring it to me Smile so will be nice.
Partner Tepee 1.6HDI 92@115bhp / 17"aloys / -35mm H&R kit / MyWay upgrade
Again changes Smile Yesterday I finally chipped my pug ( now is about 110 hp ) Now is driving a little bit better than custom 110 from factory Smile If I got the graph I will show You how it looks now

Yesterday also courier visited me with my new springs H&R. Friend who is a Mechanic told me, this H&R looks better, than Eibach. Now i need to find some free time to mount it Smile then next photo on the car.
[Image: 201308231_nwhnqep.jpg]
Partner Tepee 1.6HDI 92@115bhp / 17"aloys / -35mm H&R kit / MyWay upgrade
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Looking good,wheels really suit it.
Was the Myway
upgrade expensive?
Upgrade to myway cost me about £250
Partner Tepee 1.6HDI 92@115bhp / 17"aloys / -35mm H&R kit / MyWay upgrade
finally my pug get down Smile -30mm front and -50mm rear Smile Now I'm testing how it is on the road. More photos soon Smile

[Image: pugjpg_nwxnrpp.jpg]
Partner Tepee 1.6HDI 92@115bhp / 17"aloys / -35mm H&R kit / MyWay upgrade
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much better, sits nicely and not to low, you pug looks really high especially at the back before springs, much higher than my lingo van.
[Image: 2dedca76-4da1-4bd2-aea1-452ddda68256.jpg]
Now that does look mint !
Vast improvement , money well spent sir Confusedalut:
Clean :drool:
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