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Picasso Axle on Berlingo
Hi there,

Recently had some trouble with the original rear axle (torsion bar) snapping so bought a replacement from eBay. The item description said fits Picasso, Partner & Berlingo so, having no experience with these things, presumed it was the same part. I had it delivered to the garage who fitted it fine, but they told me that the part was in fact for a Picasso and that because of this the rear end will be low, but shouldn't affect the running of the car. Well a couple of weeks in, and it is low! Any sizable load and the top of the wheel is pretty much above the top of the wheel arch & I'm concerned that with 4 of us in + bikes (main use is to go mountain biking) then we're going to be on the floor!

Does this sound right? Are the Picasso & Berlingo axles actually different or do I need to go back to the garage and ask them about raising the rear axle? Can this actually be done?

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
You can't raise the axle. What you want to do is raise the body presumably with longer springs and shock absorbers. Is there some way to adjust the height via the torsion bar system ?
So where does this bit go then ?
yeah i didn't mean raise the axle, need to raise the rear end. the shock absorbers & springs will be the original ones, which would suggest that the berlingo / picasso axles are different, but i'm not sure...
Would it be possible to add spacers between the subframe and the chassis instead?
You can alter the resting height of the rear suspension by removing the torsion bars, setting the suspension height, and reinstalling the torsion bars.

Search on here for 'Lowering torsion bar' and take the height measurements into account to raise the rear, rather than lower it.

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