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Please can anyone identify??
Hi all. Can anyone help with this mystery?
I recently purchased a 2002 Berlingo 1.6i has Air con.Temp sometimes rises when idle or constant stop start. Has had a new cam belt and radiator.when looking under bonnet have seen this spare junction cable near the front left headlight and no apparent place for it to go? I have also seen an empty blue junction on the radiator that is fixed to the radiator with a bolt underneath can just be seen in the photo attached they are both different ends and do NOT fit each other. wondering if it is Temp sensor or old light cable junction??? and shouldnt the blue junction fixed to the radiator have something attached like cables??Any answers on a post card lol. Thanks Gav.
Wont let me attach pic!!
Try uploading your picture here:

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[Image: 53TsdWL.jpg]
Have uploaded pic so follow link above.
Thanks Andre.

its there lol. Technology is amazing ha ha. Thanks

I can't figure out what that connector is for...
The thermoswitch on the radiator is a standard type, so that looks normal.
(Exact same as on my 1.4i )

But this is a model with AC?
Then the fan isn't controlled directly from that switch anyhow.
It's controlled by the AC controller, and uses a sensor next to the Thermostat housing, from what I understand.

The thermoswitch may function as just a plug...

Checking the Haynes manual, and it specifically says that the connector for the thermo-sensor is BROWN and located on top of the thermostat housing.
There IS a blue connector there, though... the sensor used by the Temperature Gauge and warning light.
on early models, the ECU has a temperature sensor with a green connector(also located at the thermostat housing), but from 2001 and onwards it may also be blue.

If you have a multimeter, you could check if it's connected to the ECU.
(It's mounted at the back of the battery box, and has a rather massive connector... )
If you could find which pin(s) it uses there, and also which ECU you have, we could check what it's for.
It's possible that it ends in one of the round connectors coupling the engine loom to the rest of the car. (Should be pretty close to those). If so, it's anyone's guess where it ends...

Is this a Mark I. or a Mark II?
(Narrow lights, or the big 'facelifted' lights of the Mk. II)
With this being a 2002, it can be either...
Hi and thanks Gadget man for your response.
It's the last of the Mark 1 with Air con.
Unfortunately do not have a multimeter (guessing thats like a tool for voltage? )
Will have a look later this morning anyhow.

So the blue thermostat on the radiator is correct and just looks like a connection for someone to plug and check it's working when doing service etc??

So just mystery cable still Hmmm....
Sorry for all questions just very hard to find a free download of owner manual and like tinkering but can't do major jobs, may invest in a haynes.
No, the connector on the radiator has no function at all, not even testing, on a car with AC. (It's possible this radiator was meant for a non-AC car, and they can't remove the thermoswitch without leaving a big, gaping hole that needs to be plugged... )

Unless the mystery plug can fit one of the connectors on the thermostat housing, it probably doesn't have anything to do with the cooling system.

It's possible that it was for some sort of extra lights.
(Have you seen any indicators that anything was mounted in the front, then removed? Screw holes, suspicious cut-outs, anything)

A multimeter is a device that can measure voltage, amperage and resistance.

Unfortunately, the normal Haynes manuals are rather horrid when it comes to electric diagrams.
Also, there's two editions of the Berlingo manual, one covering 1996 - 2006 and one covering 1996 - 2010. There may be some corrections in the later version, so if at all possible, get that one.

you can get a 'look inside' and even buy it here:

I also recommend that you download one of their free dictionaries:

The Haynes manual is also available online, as some sort of suscription service:
Not certain if it's worth it, though.
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Ok thank you.

No suspicious holes etc but probably confirms my first theory of fog light or light box connector.
Also just one other thing my water coolant filler/ tank is black!! With the max sign on the side!.
Unless your a magician how the hell are you supposed to see the level? Iv had to dip it with a wooden kebab skewer.
But want to keep an eye on the level to see if causing odd spike in temp when idle or stationary or could this also be caused by the radiator system not being bleed or filled with water after replacement??.
Thanks again for all the help.
Trust me, it' not all that much easier to see the water level in the 'translucent' plastic on my 1.4...

As for bleeding...
I don't know the 1.6 engine, but the 1.4i that I have is a pain in the posterior to bleed properly. (The bleed screw by the thermostat is mounted lower than the top of the area the coolant circulates in round the cylinders. There the solution is to jack up the car on the front lefthand corner. And jack it HIGH! )
There's three bleed screws to consider when bleeding:
1. Bleed screw by the thermostat
2. Top of radiator.
3. Somewhere by the heater matrix/AC.

It may also be a good idea to take a plastic bottle that has a neck that fits snugly into the filler neck and cut it so that it'll work as a funnel. (Because some of the hoses and whatnot are mounted so high... )
Thanks all for your Help have just let it be, after getting it looked over in local garage and after a few months of running it is just a normal occurrence.

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