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Post your Ghetto Fabrication / Modifications "Photos only"
An opportunity to show that ghetto skill tuning that will make even West Coast Customs proud! There are no rules, everything goes in the name of the game. I will start first.

[Image: MRuEmw1.jpg]

It was time to get the van to breath better and possibly increase that fuel economy, so behold!!!!! Air filter with bicycle tyre to get that extra tight seal, plus air cold feed from some sort of house electric cover pipe. The milk bottle is my oil catch tank.

Some nice comments from the masters themself
Ryan: “I'd offer you a job if we weren't packed”
Carlos: “This is faaaaaked uuuuup”
Ish: “Bada bing, Bada boom!”
Xzibit: “You've officially been pimped, now GTFO!”
Well I print off reports at work totally unneccessarily and take the paper home to wrap my sandwiches in.
That's not ghetto, that inlet is proper welded Big Grin My old Mini had a Tango can for a catch tank.
So where does this bit go then ?
My "module de commande, pulseur climatisée". Rolleyes

It glows red hot. :eek: Two women have touched it, after being warned... I love the smell of a braaifleis.

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(15-04-2013, 11:02 PM)addo Wrote:  My "module de commande, pulseur climatisée". Rolleyes

It glows red hot. :eek: Two women have touched it, after being warned... I love the smell of a braaifleis.

avec leurs doigts?
and a nice little chianti
I've been having problems with the sliding door not opening. The mechanism fault seems to act randomly, and it mainly screws itself after the door tried to be open from the inside or if its locked and unlocked immediately. So I went to the car morgue and picked up another mechanism.

Old one:
[Image: EqN8RLT.jpg]

After unscrewing then drilling the rivets from the donor car, I managed to pick another and fit it back to the van. Now it has the same fault but this time after every lock it won't open. Here is what I found to be the problem both mechanism share. On the back (impossible to see unless you remove it) the locking hammer (red) after unlocking meets the door handle pull (blue) and doesn't let it pass further. As soon as you help it go past the door works like it should.

[Image: iSEmxNJ.jpg]
[Image: QqzluOv.jpg]

Got pissed off with it that no other modifications can fix this, so Ghetto modding here we go again!

[Image: 2o6J9Kh.jpg]

Shoe lace attached directly to the main hook that bypasses the whole thing. Basically it helps the (blue) go past after unlocking the car and door works again Smile
My old Mini used to have string door handles inside Big Grin It's like back to the future or déja vue all over again.
So where does this bit go then ?
Is that a real granite worktop in your kitchen?
Does your satellite dish pick up the late night 'gentlemen's' channels?
And do you own a hoover?
[Image: 522647_2243262875321_380643411_n.jpg]

Did this as a temp fix nearly two years ago, Still using this door opening technique now lol
'04 Peugeot Partner HDi LX. Lows, Leaks and Wellers. Now matt grey and dent free Smile

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  • addo
That looks rather like the back of my car! :lol:

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