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Preventative maintenance
I recently bought my Berlingo, its a blue 2003 modutop 2.0Hdi with 108k miles on it.

I've bought this mainly for mountain bike/dog/tip run duties as they're really handy.
The car does have some recent service history and the timing belt was changed, but it's some way from perfect.

So I'll be doing a service when I get back from offshore, changing all the filters, oil and coolant.

The rear shocks appear to be about knackered as the handling is interesting at speed (didn't go that fast on the test drive) and I've sourced a set of snow tyres to replace the mis-matched nasties that are on there just now.

The rear screen wash is blocked (it's not the nozzle) and the drivers side rear door won't stay open so there are a couple of things to tidy up.
I've also bought a new Bluetooth stereo and speakers as I do like my music.

What else would you do to an unproven car? Are there any preventative steps to take or checks on known faults to make sure that it's reliable?

I won't be doing a vast mileage in it as my main car only covers 6K a year due to my work on oil rigs and not commuting but I prefer things to work when required!
Change all oils/fluids.They deteriorate over time & gearbox oil can suffer with condensation if used for short trips.I change mine every 2 years.:thumbsup:
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To avoid water damage to the BSI (computer board with fuses/relays above it under steering wheel), I suggest you check the drainage channels are clear of leaves etc. You have to remove the wipers and the scuttle (plastic mesh at base of windscreen).

Hopefully you will have little trouble with the engine. I have 2003 2.0 HDi and (touch head) its still sweet. Expect trim and electric problems however, such as airbag light, fan speed control, flappy rear door handle, electric window fail. But all fixable with help here.
As already mentioned before, I would certainly recommend taking the time to change and check all of the fluids. I wold also recommend checking the belts and spark plugs, as well. If there is already stuff that needs to be replaced, it will be smart to give the vehicle an entire once over and replace anything that looks to be worn out or in need of repair in the near future. You already intend to replace the tyres which are obviously a big factor in the overall performance of the vehicle and how well it drives. If the motor is in good shape, I can't imagine that a few other minor details wouldn't be enough to make the monster road worthy for the most part. A door that doesn't remain open isn't exactly a major influence on how well the vehicle operates, but oil that has been sitting in the motor for 3 years and 30,000 miles could certainly become a problem.
(31-01-2014, 12:44 AM)torque98 Wrote:  I wold also recommend checking the belts and spark plugs, as well.

On a 2.0 HDi that would be a neat trick ..

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Thanks for the replies.
I'm going to give it a bit of a going over once I get home (offshore just now), my local garage will be checking the rear shocks and I might get them to do oil and filters at the same time. It does have some service history but I prefer a fresh start knowing it's done.

I'm quite enjoying having a utility car again as I'm usually quite precious about where I leave things, car park dings etc. it'll still be cleaned regularly and serviced but I can happily live with a few character items.
Good call on the drain channels, the drivers side was choked and full of nasty stuff (including a snail!) I managed to clear it using a long grabber rather than taking off the wiper arm.

Fixed the sliding door, I was having a look to see how it worked for bodging purposes and noticed there was a little movement when I pulled the handle. Lots of penetrating oil and WD40 later it's working! It just needed a good clear out. Now covered with MTB chain lube.

On the downside I got the tyres replaced yesterday, and found that the drivers side front wheel is held on by two bolts as the other two are snapped in the holes. The passenger side is missing one as well so it's getting looked at by the garage tomorrow.
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