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Programming New Key & Best Place to get from
Morning All!

Well I purchased my Berlingo over a year ago and it came with something stuck in the Drivers door lock which wasn't a problem as I have central locking.

However had a bit of a mare this morning and could only use the original key with no central locking. And found myself in the situation that I could open the berlingo and start it but could not lock all the doors.

So I think I will replace the two outside door locks (I understand that I will then have two keys but not the end of the world.)

But I also thought I could get another central locking key, How do you program it though?
You can order barrels to code IIRC, otherwise locksmiths may be able to get an uncoded barrel kit (the face bezel is swaged over the barrel end, so they're not the easiest to dismantle and rekey).

Your remote fob is another matter altogether; this talks to the BSI or transponder box depending on year, and can work with no keys attached to it.
Hi All

I have just bought a Berlingo 1.6 L.It only came with one key which needs to be put in the door to work the central locking.Is it possible to get a Remote Key that will work on this model?
It is possible, the remote frequency is 433Mhz, and it will need an ID 46 chip in the key to start it .
Maybe a bit OT, and I apologize if it is. However, isn't this a nifty thing? Link:
I recently put a non-folding key in the same pocket as my phone. The key tip cracked the screen. Sad It helped convince me of the merits found in a folding key!
My key supplier in a far away land makes many of these folding keys with the older blades in. I have not yet purchased them, but can see the uses in practice.

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